24 for 24

On July 15 I turn 24. Every year that I’ve aged since 20 has sort of blown me away a little bit. I know I’m not old enough to say, wahhh I’m getting old! but that’s sort of what I’m thinking. It’s not a bad thing at all- it’s just crazy how fast time flies. And in my brain, I definitely feel like I don’t process the fact that I am the age that I actually am.

Whether I like it or not (I think I like it) I turn 24 in less than two weeks! Several days ago I made a birthday bucket list- aka all the things I want to do before or on my birthday to celebrate. I originally was keeping it private but what the hey! Let me share with you:

  1. Buy myself a nice birthday present (my birkenstocks!)
  2. Cook something with lavender
  3. Make bahn mi something (too many recipes floating around the internet)
  4. Order a  birthday cake from Whole Foods
  5. Go to a baseball game (last night!)
  6. Drink a couple of Rainier Cherry Muddlers
  7. Do some sort of exercise I’ve never done before
  8. Bake these vegan brownies
  9. Eat at Kapnos
  10. Make these buckwheat blueberry pancakes
  11. Try one of the new sweetgreen test kitchen salads
  12. See Maleficent
  13. Go to the beach
  14. Make lamb sliders
  15. Finish a section of my book
  16. Finish reading Kitchen Confidential
  17. Drink a Marylous iced coffee
  18. Eat at three new DC restaurants (not counting Kapnos)
  19. Get ice cream from Ice Cream Jubilee
  20. Eat a lobster roll
  21. Listen to music at Yards Park
  22. Go to a cookout
  23. Have at least three different friend dates
  24. Actually go to yoga… twice.

Andddd BREAK!

I’ll show you pictures of what I actually accomplish.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “24 for 24

  1. so im turning 25 this december (dear god im getting old) and really want to make a list of things to do before im 25. i like a lot of these – also i can totally take one for the team and help you knock some of these off (aka Marylous’s… might just happen this break, new exercise you haven’t done before, a taste tester for those vegan brownies, new DC restaurants, friend dates cough cough ) have a great fourth!

    • he he he I’m more than happy to let you take part in my list haha. in all seriousness- we need to catch up over food sometime. and I’ll bring you a brownie.

      have a great 4th as well! although, we’ll both be massachusetts chilling this weekend so how could we NOT enjoy ourselves?

  2. same boat as Alex…I’d love to help knock some off the list! turning 25 in September. gasp. love the idea of a birthday bucket list! Also you have the same birthday as my bf! Great day 😉

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