Friday Food Love


This week has been the longest week ever. Well not ever. But it’s been a long one. I have work tomorrow but I’ll always feel more grateful on Fridays because of the mindset around it. And it’s pay day. That definitely helps.

I want to share with you guys the food I’ve been making and loving on lately. There have been a lot of tried and true recipes making a comeback with the addition of some new favorites that have become a part of the regular rotation. They’re all so good- I just want to put them on repeat and play them everywhere I go. Hopefully you’re singing that song now too. Replay by Zendaya. I like it a lot. It comes on my Iggy Azalea pandora station whenever I’m working out and I’m a big fan. Speaking of fandom- Iggy Azalea’s album New Classic. Cannot. Get. Enough.


Back to the food.

Lately I’ve had Sunday off from work and I’ve been making Christina’s breakfast rice pudding. It’s become a ritual that I love. It makes two portions. Instead of being nice and giving the other to Will, I eat one portion and then save the second one for cold rice pudding the next morning. It’s so comforting and delicious. It makes Monday easier. I cook in four egg whites and top it with a bajillion different things. Cherries, pistachios, hemp hearts, and coconut on a hot bowl…P1040263Strawberries and vanilla almond butter on leftovers post gym workout….breakfastpuddingFigs and full fat coconut milk on cold leftovers….P1040266I also cannot eat any other jam at the moment other than plum rose compote. It is so bright and beautiful. Nothing compares. The plums- the rosewater- it’s perfect. Bring ~1lb. of plums with 2 tbl. of honey and 1 tsp. of rosewater to a boil and then simmer for like 30 minutes. Magic I tell you!

And I’ve discovered plantains! Well. I’ve always known of their existence and I’ve eaten them out plenty of times- but I’ve never made them at home. What a n00b. They’re so good! And so easy! GAH. As I’ve been trying to eat less gluten and replacing my sources of carbohydrates- these guys have been helping out. I’ve been slicing them and pan searing them in some coconut oil. If I want them sweet- I season them with just cinnamon. More savory- I do cinnamon, salt, pepper, cumin, and a dash of cayenne.P1040280P1040282

They sure were good with Giada’s mango vanilla mahi mahi.vanillamahimahi

I’ve rediscovered my crockpot (which happens every three months) and have been crockpotting chicken like a mad woman. It’s so easy! I usually crockpot 1 lb. of chicken at a time with some salt, pepper, 4 cups of broth on low heat for eight hours anddd then shred it to use in salads or pulled chicken sandwiches or even to toss in pasta.

It went in the best thing I’ve made in 2014 (in my opinion) THIS squash blossom pasta. I’m remaking it tonight sans blossoms (sad) and am so flipping excited.

If it’s not crockpot chicken- I’ve been eating my eat ground and in slider form. Summer has gone to my head in a major way and I want ALL the burgers. But not just any burgers. Sliders. That way I can eat TWO burgers for dinner 😉 They’re just so perfect over veggies, rice, in lettuce wraps, or even on smaller rolls. They are more manageable and again, I like that it makes me feel like I’m eating more food.

I’ve been making my go-to turkey sliders every other week either to have in lunches or for dinners. 1 lb. ground turkey + 1 grated zucchini + 1 tsp. cumin + 2 cloves minced garlic + sliced green onions + salt and pepper + any fresh herbs I have lurking around (usually some rogue cilantro). I usually make 8 burgers out of this mess.

Something new to me that I’ve been experimenting with are raw desserts. These two layer raw chocolate brownies still own my heart. But I’ve been experimenting with others like these raspberry chocolate slice bars. If you look at my dessert pinterest board- you’re going to see a LOT of raw desserts all over that thing.P1040260P1040259P1040261

And when I’ve been feeling lazy, sometimes just covering some fruit in coconut oil + honey + cocoa powder (aka- healthier chocolate) does the trick just fine.P1040279I’ve still been keeping some homemade granola on hand at all times and have been throwing it over fresh fruit or those baby food squeeze packs (obsessed- mashed organic fruit and veg with no additives or anything? so great) because I’m a freak off a leash.babyfood

At work I’ve been cooking up some fresh seasonal stuff. Tahini Zucchini Noodles, Fig and Arugula Wheatberry Salad, and Blueberry BBQ Salmon (thanks to the GENIUS minds of the blogs that I follow- people love your recipes, ladies. and I’m always sure to give you credit on the recipe cards I hand out to people! hopefully you’ve gotten some new followers he he).zoodlesfigarugula10467888_1436736963273665_494074211_n

I had breakfast for dinner once this week too and was reminded how much I love doing that. Breakfast is just the best. Can’t get enough of it in the morning. Below you’ll see eggs scrambled with a WHOLE lotta veggies + avocado toast topped with vegan parm cheeze.breakfastfordinnerAnd I’ve been experimenting with buckwheat flour… but I’ll share more about that in a post all its own after I cook up these spinach crepes over the weekend.

So is it dinner time yet?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Friday Food Love

  1. I’m dying about “I’m a freak off a leash” bahaha and I think I need to try that breakfast rice pudding! Love youuuu

    • Hahahaha I can’t deny the fact that I’m a huge weirdo. Make the rice pudding- so good! I also didn’t add any honey to it and instead used 1 whole ripe banana. I’d rather add a sweeter nut butter to it afterwards to sweeten it up 🙂

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