Mini Goals


There are a handful of little things that I’m working on across the board- with food, fitness, saving money, and creative pursuits. These things are small, tangible goals that I can strive for that add up to my big picture life focuses. I’m a big fan of constant self improvement- slowly moving yourself closer to the direction you want to be headed, honing skills that you want to master someday, and simply- just getting better and better. Challenging myself to do more and be more is something I do without even thinking most of the time.

The only way to go is up!inspiration4

I already told you about my main food goal– eating less gluten and other food that has been shown to be inflammatory for people with a lot of digestive distress (mainly: dairy, legumes, beans, grains). This one is hard- because I absolutely love those things. But honestly, I don’t want to just cope with my issues anymore- I want to do something about them and make them go away. So I’m sucking it up and slowly weaning off that stuff. Most people would argue that I should cut it all out right away- but I emotionally couldn’t do that. I have a big big big emotional connection to food and that would be too stressful and overwhelming for me. And stress adds to digestive distress more than anything so I don’t need that happening. I’m going to do this in a way that feels right for me and hopefully see some improvements as time goes on.inspiration1

In terms of fitness… my current goal is to stretch more. 20 minutes a day. I got into good habits of stretching when Will was traveling for work because I had way more time alone at home- and what better way to kill time + catch up on episodes of the Tonight Show than by foam rolling and stretching it out. Since Will has been working in DC, I’ve been slacking on stretching in favor of sitting with him on the couch. I can feel the difference in my body and I think I’d be a stronger athlete if I stretched more/often. Extra added bonus? It would help my digestive system too.inspiration3

My current saving money goal is my favorite one. I used to be able to walk to work in five minutes. Now I have a job further from home and public transportation is the easiest way to get there. But public transportation is also way too stressful. Metro problems, late buses- I don’t need to say more for DC folks. Not to mention… it’s expensive and adds up over time! SO I figure I have ten commutes a week (five days of work, one commute there- one commute home). I’m trying to only use the metro or bus for 1/2 of those commutes and rely on walking or riding my bike for the other 1/2. The weather will be fairly agreeable until winter rolls around and so I feel like this goal is totally doable. It’s a 3ish-4 mile walk (which takes about an hour and twenty minutes) and it takes about 40 minutes on bike there (uphill) and 20 minutes on bike back home (downhill).inspiration6Last but certainly not least- creative pursuits. My goal here is to spend at least ten minutes a day working on my book. Ten minutes. That’s it. If I ever really want to get the ball rolling on it, I need to commit to something. Some days I spend longer on it- some days just those ten minutes. It’s enough to keep the juices flowing and remind me of what I’m working on. During all the walking/running/commuting I do- I think about it a lot. But thinking doesn’t translate into words on a page (unfortunately).inspiration5

What are you guys working on?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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