Small Stuff


Life will never ever ever be perfect. And it’s really easy to feel down and out because of the hard stuff that the universe throws at you. It’s really tempting for me a lot of the time to play the role of the victim.

But I don’t. Time and time again- I choose to take the more difficult path. The one where I brush off my shoulders, hold my head up high, and move forward. I try to cut out whatever negativity I can and not let the circumstances beyond my control ruin my chances of living a happy and fulfilling life.

It’s really important to cherish the small stuff that makes life feel pretty damn perfect {even if just for a few seconds}.

This weekend’s small stuff:

PR-ing in the Fit Foodie 5k this weekend! I took two days off before this race because I was exhausted and felt mentally uneasy about it. I was being hard on myself and telling myself over and over again that I wasn’t “fit enough” and that I was going to have a bad run on Saturday. And then Saturday morning- it was raining- to add to my anxiety about the race. Clearly I’m insane.Screenshot 2014-06-22 at 8.43.38 PMfitfoodie4

Being included as an ambassador for the Fit Foodie 5k weekend of events. I got treated to free food, free sneakers, and free events. I even got to meet chef R.J. Cooper (who is hilarious). We got into an argument about baseball (he’s a Tiger’s fan apparently- and um yeah we showed their “amazing pitching staff” what’s up in the playoffs).racedayraceday3fitfoodie5rjcooper

Moments with friends and family. This past week and weekend I felt really close to all my best friends and sisters. I made time for them- they made time for me. Texts, phone calls, facebook messages, tweets, insta love, in person hangout sessions- you name it.

Will being my rock. This kid man. Always making my life a million times easier.

Lounging with the LEGO movie. It takes a lot for me to sit down and watch a full movie. On Saturday I veg-ed out with Will and watched the LEGO movie which was filled with awesome celeb voices and was totally goofy. So enjoyable.P1040252

Finally saving enough money to buy Birkenstocks! Say hello to my new babies! I now have three material object babies: 1) my planner 2) my iPod and 3) my birkenstocks. I’m in love. My feet are so happy with me.P1040258P1040256

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “Small Stuff

  1. Nice job on the race! Looks like such a fun weekend! Loveee the birkenstocks. You’re making me miss my pair from 10 years ago 🙂

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