Pops of Color


Everyone could use a pop of color in their life. Something bright and beautiful that catches you off guard and makes you smile. For some people that’s a stunning piece of jewelry- for others its a uniquely hued sunset- for some, maybe its food- flowers- workout clothes.

Okay so that last one is me.

While I enjoy keeping things clean and simple– and sometimes particularly easy when it comes to food- I still need those pops of color every now and then. Something to lighten the mood and lift my spirits. You gotta add a little color into your everyday routine (which can become so monotonous- so much so that you don’t even realize it until a pop of color of excitement appears and you’re like, wow I really needed that).

On Sunday- pops of color were showing up everywhere.

I made a plum and rose water jam. So. I thought that rhubarb jam was pretty and almost neon like… well… it’s nothing compared to this jam. I had the two side by side in my fridge and I couldn’t believe the deep and vibrant red/purple shining out of my mason jar. It made my once impressive rhubarb jam look dull.plumjam

Side note: the addition of rose water into this jam is so good. The flowery undertones are so intriguing and the flavor profile of each spoonful is so multidimensional. Love.

And after being tipped off by my friend Sara about a workout shorts sale at a nearby store, I headed over and got 3 pairs of standard shorts for twenty bucks! Instead of picking out a pair of navy blue, gray, and black shorts (typical Allison move), I bought three obnoxiously bright pairs. I like them so much- they definitely make me happier when I’m wearing them.shortsP1040237

For dinner I made a pasta dish that incorporated fresh mint, basil, roasted zucchini, pulled chicken, brown rice penne, vegan parmesan cheeze, and… zucchini blossoms.blossoms

When I saw the recipe online that I based mine off of, I knew I had to make this. I spotted the zucchini blossoms at our local farmer’s market and was ecstatic. They definitely added some good flavor- but what I appreciated the most was how ORANGE they were. The pieces in my bowl stood out so much- I swear you could see them from a mile away.P1040235P1040236

I like to think that I’m a pretty ordinary lady who does relatively ordinary things. But man, it sure is nice when the extraordinary aspects and colors of life find their way into my world. They keep me inspired and on my toes.P1040230

ALSO. It was pride weekend here in DC- so there were pops of color EVERYWHERE. Flags and beads and costumes and glitter- you name it.prideweekend

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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