Mental Unloading


I wasn’t planning on posting today at all. But as the day has progressed, I’ve felt the need to mentally unload all of the random bits and pieces of things bouncing around in my head. This week I’ve been pulled in so many different directions (well, truth be told, I’ve been pushing myself in all the different directions… but that’s besides the point) that I haven’t had the time to fully take in anything that I’m working on or doing. I’m always so busy, but I haven’t had enough time to decompress and think through all those random things that buzz in my brain.

It’s times like these where I’m thankful that I have a place to get all of it out there for the world to read and help me digest. My blog makes me feel like a have a bunch of imaginary friends who care about the things I’m doing/thinking- even if you all don’t and most of you think I’m completely crazy. Which is totally fine. I am crazy. BUT at the very least, you let me have this space to just talk my face off until I feel better. And after every single post- I inevitably feel twenty tons of bricks lift off my chest/shoulders. PLUS I’m quite certain that my posts help you all as well (as I share recipes/exercises/fun). If my posts help ME and YOU?! Win win.

So let’s do it.

Here’s the constant state of my brain.

IT’S FRIDAY. What a long week. My last post recapped the weekend. How has a week happened between then and now? Oy vey!

I have work tomorrow but it’s totally cool because our store is hosting a “Chopped” cooking championship (think- the show on Food Network) with a local middle school. Our store leaders have been going over to the school throughout the school year- teaching the kids recipes, techniques, and all about food. And now it’s their big finale where they compete in a “Chopped” like competition. They’re going to get a mystery basket of ingredients that they have to use and each have a sous chef (someone who works in the store) to help them plan their dish. I’m going to be one of the sous chef’s for the teams. I love working with kids so I’m pretty amped.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s tomorrow.

Today is ending with a gigantic salad with all of the guacamole + one too many glasses of rose + friends + music + beautiful weather outside at Yards Park.vegetables

I wish I had more food stuff to share with you all- but this week I kept it pretty dang simple. Lunches comprised of leftovers or my absolute favorite mediterranean tuna salad.

None of my meals were wicked fancy or “beautiful” either. Will and I did some Mexican themed salads (with chicken cooked a la crockpot aka SO EASY) and a dinner with cod + asparagus + brown rice. And the cod was topped with rhubarb bbq sauce. Because I still cannot get enough. My crockpot excursion with the chicken just reminded me that I need to cook in my crock pot more often. I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it. And nothing changes. So we’ll see. I’m doing it again on Sunday. So that’s

But it’s only because I want more pulled chicken to mix with rhubarb bbq sauce #sorryimnotsorry

I had Cava twice this week too {give me all the braised lamb + pickled red onions plz}

AND lunch at DGS {their mustard + double baked rye makes me swoon}

SO yes. I’m a very lucky girl.

The only food I ate this week that was elaborate was THIS dessert.omnom

And this snack (which I pulled together at home when I was off on tuesday). So unnecessarily well laid out. I’m a huge dork. snack time

Like most of my food this week- everything else was kept pretty simple- especially clothes. If I could live in neutrals and denim forever- I’d do it. Maybe I just will. I’m like a walking advertisement for Gap and Banana Republic. There’s always a pop of color somewhere in what I’m wearing or an interesting piece of clothing- but the basic of the ensemble is clean and simple.

earringsearrings 2girl and her backpack

Workouts were mostly cardio– which is weird because that’s usually not the case at all. But I just sort of did what I was feeling and that’s what I wanted to do. So that’s that.gym rat

I’ve also been walking a lot {still} and loving on some new podcasts in addition to my usual balanced bites, nerdist, and this american life roundup. Check out Alton Brown’s podcast and the food is the new rock podcast! They’re both great. I listened to Alton Brown’s one with Alex Guarneschelli today and it was so enjoyable. The food is the new rock interview with Jon Favreau was also really good. I love the way ALL those people think. They’re so inspiring and make me think- which is why I like to listen to them talk and absorb every thing that they say.

Speaking of podcasts- I’ve been listening to the balanced bites podcast for quite some time now. I love it. I really do. And I’ve pulled so many great factoids and so much valuable nutrition information from them. One of the hosts, Diane Sanfilippo, has a remarkable book out there in the market called Practical Paleo. I’ve been curious about it for quite sometime- not because I’m going paleo tomorrow but because she offers up a lot explanation (and science for the average person) on the human body and digestion in particular. I ordered her book (finally) and it came last night and I cannot wait to delve into it. I’m hoping it will provide me with some insight on stuff going on with my body. She’s a smart lady. I’ll keep you updated.

The absolute highlight of my week was on Wednesday. I was having a really bad day- mentally I was feeling craptastic and being really hard on myself. I felt gross and all those old ED thoughts were lingering and I just felt BLAH. While I was doing a chia seed pudding demo on the floor, as these two middle school aged girls walked away, one turned to me and said, I think you’re really pretty by the way! And the other one chimed in, me too! And they scurried away semi-embarrassed. It was the best thing ever. I never shy away from complimenting someone. It has the power to change their day.

I found myself getting really frustrated because I wanted more time to take pictures, blog, and work on my book- but I just didn’t have the time. And then I felt like I was just making excuses and procrastinating. Especially on book stuff. It’s still such a big idea to me that its a little overwhelming even to think about working on it. When really- all I need to do is sit down and write and get organized. Hopefully some of that can happen this week.

Besides getting caught in the rain on Tuesday- exhibit a:rainstorm

that was basically my week! Nothing out of the ordinary or super special for me to tell you about.

I’m on the verge of buying birkenstocks which I think are kind of hideous (in a good way? does that make sense?) but also so so so necessary in life.

They’re prettier to me than peonies- a flower that it seems every girl on earth is obsessed with. But I find them to be not that pretty… is that weird? Is that bad? I almost bought them at TJs on Tuesday just because everyone loves them. I snapped out it, remembered that I don’t like them, and bought irises.

I’m wicked excited that its pride weekend here in DC! It’s always a good time in the city.

I’m equally as excited to make these fish tacos, pasta with squash blossoms purchased from the farmer’s market, and a plum and rose crisp.

BUT what I’m most excited about is taking two seconds to breathe in deep. Take it all in. Refresh. Relax. And get ready to tackle another awesome week.

For a while I was under the misconception that there would be some magical week down the road where I wasn’t busy- where I wasn’t doing a lot- where I wasn’t trying to do it all… that week doesn’t exist. Nor will it ever. I’m constantly exploring the things I’m passionate about and trying to do more and trying to do better. That’s just who I am. I wouldn’t be happy sitting around. I’m a doer. So instead of using the excuse that I’m busy or thinking that I don’t have the time, I’m making the time to attend to the things that mean something to me and that matter- doing extra things if I have spare time- and just going full speed ahead (instead of mentally dreaming of a moment in time where I have all the hours in the world to do all of the things).

Life does move really fast and there’s a lot going on always. It’s life. All I can do is keep rolling with it.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Mental Unloading

  1. I can relate fully. My week was essentially the same. So much going on, nothing particularly special noteworthy, fluctuating feelings of “blah-ness,” a desire to sit/relax/blog but just not having the time.

    Moving and figuring out my new routine as a commuter has been a lot this week. But I’m taking some time this morning to sit and leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee, catching up on all the wonderful blogs in my life in the process.

    “All I can do is keep rolling with it.” One day at a time my friend….

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