Like Yesterday


Whenever I discover something or start doing something new that just blows my mind- I tend to say something along the lines of I should have been doing this… like yesterday! As in, how am I just trying this out NOW! I should have been doing it sooner! I don’t know if the expression really makes sense but imma keep using it anyway. It has leaked from my inner dialogue into my conversations with other people and I know I say it frequently when I’m trying to express just how badly someone needs to try or do something.

Here’s all my recent ‘like yesterday’ moments as of late:

1. Rhubarb BBQ Sauce: mixed up with shredded chicken- drizzled over roasted vegetables- dipped into with plantain chips- smothered on sweet potatoes- all the things. So good. You’re a genius, Ashley.


the makings of a beautiful salad (pre-being tossed with spinach and sweet potatoes): shredded chicken mixed with rhubarb bbq sauce, peaches, corn, and onions.

2. Balcony Workouts: for when I don’t feel like going to the gym and it’s rainy outside so I can’t workout outdoors- I can use the balcony for strength and stretching workouts! I did my first legit one (I’ve done some core work out there before) on Wednesday and it rocked. I got all the benefits of being outside + a view + not getting rained on. Win. I used the app I told you about a couple of posts ago and went to town.IMG_20140528_072219[1]IMG_20140528_072259[1]IMG_20140528_072225[1]

3. In the same workout vein- lately, because its been so nice out, I’ve been doing a lot more of my own solo workouts. I usually run 3-5 miles and factor in some body weight exercises either throughout the run (in various parks, circles, grassy spots) or at the end of the run. I made up a workout the other day which was 3 miles where I told myself throughout the course I had to complete 60 reps of six different exercises- THUS I called it my Six Sixty workout- WHICH sounded a lot like Chris Christie- THUS I renamed the workout the Chris Christie workout. Completely (and TOTALLY) unrelated but it made me crack up. That’s all that matters right? You gotta have some fun with yourself.

4. This lazy girl sangria may or may not have saved my life once twice last week when I was feeling totally stressed and high strung.

3. Iggy Azalea’s album, New Classic. My new go to when I just need some aggressive lady rap.

4. Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories. My new go to when I need something mellow and I’m feeling all emotional.

5. So I’ve FINALLY starting to get the creative gears a-turning on my future book. Yes. You read that correctly. I’m attempting to write a book. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and that I’ve been thinking about for a while now- so I’m ending the procrastination and doing outlining and brainstorming and just writing. It feels really good. I should have started sooner.

6. New pre-workout snack: pitted dates stuffed with nut butter. I bought dates to make these raw brownies (read: make these- so flipping good) and have some leftover SO I’ve been snacking on them before hitting the gym. I wedge the pit out and then use a small knife to get some almond butter in there- and then I push more in with a raw almond. Possibly strange? Almost certainly easy and GOOD.P1040198P1040201P1040200

7. Having my own homemade granola on hand has become a necessity of life. It’s so easy! Why haven’t I been doing this all along! *Shaking my head* Here’s a pretty good basic recipe if you’re jonesing for one.P1040219

8. Since when are fruit salsas SO DELICIOUS. I’ve been making them on a weekly basis not only to top things like baked coconut shrimp and tilapia burgers but I’ve also been making them at work and selling customers on the idea. People are digging it. So refreshing this time of year, right? Seafood and fruit: light and healthy.IMG_20140528_172105[1]

9. THIS cold brew coffee is kind of the best thing ever. Way to go chameleon.P104020310. WIll and I started watching reruns of Fraiser. Great decision.

Hopefully all these things that I should have been doing like yesterday make their way into your weekends. Happy Friday, everybody!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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