Strawberry and Mint Coconut Frozen Graham Sandwiches


That’s an awful title. Like absolutely terrible. But I couldn’t think of what to call these bad boys! They’re a combination of whipped coconut cream (which is like whipped cream or a coconut mousse after its been sitting in the fridge) mixed with diced strawberries and chopped mint (hello summertime) and graham crackers. They’re reminiscent of an ice cream sandwich- but they’re not. Kind of a new play on my banutter squares that I discovered last year {frozen banana + pb + graham crackers}.

I’m sure there is a better name for them- because that title just does naht flow. Give me your suggestions. I’m up for a name change.

In the meantime though, imma keep eating these.

First, all you’re going to do is whip up a batch of whipped coconut cream.

Jessica found a great tutorial on how to make the perfect bowl of the stuff for those who are inexperienced with it.

Then you’re going to stir in 6-8 diced strawberries and finely chopped mint. Transfer the mixture to the fridge and let it sit for a day or overnight. When whipped coconut cream has time to chill, its texture and consistency changes- it gets thicker and becomes more like a mousse.

You’re going to take 8 graham cracker rectangles and break them all in half (so you have 16 graham cracker squares (8 will be used to put whipped coconut cream on || 8 will be used as the topper). Line them up on a piece of tinfoil (refer to my banutter squares post for technique) and dollup a big spoonful of the coconut cream mixture on 8 of the squares. Top each square with another graham cracker square to form sandwiches. Don’t push down too hard or the filling will ooze everywhere.

You’ll probably have leftover filling. In which case- save and just eat as another snack or dessert (don’t get rid of it or you’ll break my heart). I ate mine with some chopped mango slices and dark chocolate chips. You’re welcome.

Stack 4 complete sandwiches on top of the other 4 complete sandwiches for easier storage in your freezer. Wrap in aluminum foil and freeze overnight or for a couple of hours.P1040162Devour! Feel free to top with some chocolate chips or some of that leftover filling if you desire. Two square sandwiches make the perfect end cap to any evening.P1040170P1040171

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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