Cold Breakfast Bowls


What a nice two weeks of Spring we had here in DC! Anddd here’s summer.

It actually felt like July when I was walking back from spin this morning. Like WHAT. How did this happen? Oh right. I live in a giant swamp.

Because its been so hot and I workout in the morning (thus getting even hotter), I’ve wanted cold breakfasts. But not oatmeal- I haven’t had my beloved overnight oats in a while (don’t worry, I still love them). I’ve been keeping off of dairy these days and unfortunately, all of my tried and true overnight oat recipes use yogurt. So I’ve been experimented with different things.

The coconut cashew granola was just finished off in our apartment this morning. Bowls of that stuff with cold coconut almond milk? Killer. I’m planning on making a batch of new granola this afternoon- probably some combination of this spiced pistachio and toasted coconut granola AND this pistachio goji berry granola.P1040005IMG_20140428_073627[1]

And then there have been a couple of batches of this pumpkin coconut chia seed pudding. I topped the good stuff with fresh blueberries, granola, hemp seeds, and banana. YUM.P1040073

Last but not least, smoothie bowls! I’ve been blending up lots of good frozen stuff (berries, bananas, coconut meat—purchased at Whole Foods) with fresh stuff (coconut milk, nut/seed butters), and pouring it into a bowl. I just eat my smoothies with a spoon and top them with things like granola, toasted oats, fresh fruit, hemp seeds, chia seeds, anything that’s lurking around in my kitchen. TODAY I made my first ever acai bowl!P1040119

Whole Foods sells individual frozen acai smoothie packs and I bought some when I got to do my 40% day shopping.P1040116

I attempted to make an acai bowl two weeks ago… but when I was twisting the blender off the base… the glass part came unscrewed from the piece that connects to the base and well… blended acai went EVERYWHERE. It was a horrifying moment. Purple greenish muck EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t even act right away because I was in disbelief. After five minutes of staring at the disaster that was my kitchen… I cleaned up the mess, angrily scorned the acai in my freezer, yelled at my blender, and quickly made some other breakfast because I was HANGRY. Bad times.P1040117P1040118P1040120

Two weeks was enough time for me to recover and attempt a second acai bowl- this one destined for my belly and not all over the floor/counter/stuff.P1040121

Success! And it was delicious. WAY sweeter than I thought it would be. I assumed acai would be tart for some reason. Totally not. Wicked sweet. Next time I’m going to blend the fruit with something more tart to kick out some of the sweetness (like frozen raspberries, cherries, or strawberries).

{For two bowls I used two frozen acai packs, 1 1/2 fresh bananas, 1/2 cup broken off frozen coconut meat, 1 cup of coconut milk, 2 tbl. flax}. The granola I made in a skillet while I was blending/assembling the smoothie {1/3 cup oats, 2 tbl. pistachios, 2 tbl. coconut flakes, cinnamon, 1 tbl. coconut oil, 1 tsp. honey- all tossed together and toasted over medium heat for about ten minutes}.

What are your favorite cold breakfasts? I’m asking around because otherwise… it’s going to be one loooooong DC summer.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


One thought on “Cold Breakfast Bowls

  1. I love the idea of making granola in the skillet! Whenever I’ve made granola, it’s always been in the oven, which isn’t very practical for morning-of. Making it in the skillet is genius! Overnight oats tend to be my go-to when the weather’s warm, though I always make mine with just almond milk and skip the yogurt. Other than that, I tend to eat a lot of cold cereal during the summer. Not my favorite, but definitely better than sitting down to a hot bowl of oatmeal when it’s 203498234 degrees outside.

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