Brunch State of Mind


DC is known for its weekend brunch scene. Which is a little sad, but it’s fine.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can find the city’s adults lounging on patios for hours on end (literally), sipping on bottomless mimosas or bloody mary’s, and having a good time.

ESPECIALLY when the weather is as nice as it has been lately.

Here’s my beef with the brunch scene. I only usually have one weekend day off from work. And on that one weekend day off, I don’t want to spend four hours of it sitting at a restaurant day drinking. I can never really relax in these scenarios because there is always so much I want/need to do on my day off and I just feel like I’m wasting time. Some people say, time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted. Sometimes, maybe. But most of the time, for me, that statement is false. I do feel like time is wasted.P1040036

I want to make the most out of every second I have to myself and so the brunch scenario just doesn’t bode well. Maybe every once and a while (for a birthday or special occasion)- but the whole brunch dealio can’t be an every weekend kinda deal for me. I want to run around, take in the day, get things done, have fun outside of a couple of cocktails and greasy breakfast food.

Speaking of food… I also feel like brunch in these parts is WAY more about the alcohol than it is the food. And I’m kind of the opposite in that situation. I’m always WAY more about the food. Cool you have bottomless bloodys- do you have bottomless oatmeal bowls? bottomless egg scrambles? bottomless bacon? No? Okay bye.

So what’s a breakfast food loving, early riser type of girl to do?

Treat herself to brunch for breakfast every single day- obviously!

Say what? How does that even make sense. The word brunch by nature means breakfast food at lunch time, Allison.

But here in DC, brunch is WAY more than that. It’s a thing. It’s an event.

Brunch is a state of mind.


hey there mega breakfast burrito! full of eggs, avocado, mushrooms, tomato, walnuts, garlic, and spinach!

Feeling relaxed. Eating something that is a little bit more special than your average run of the mill breakfast. Putting a little bit more effort into the aesthetics of the meal. Bottomless coffee. Flowers on the table. Sunshine out and about. Being totally present in that moment- enjoying your food- not thinking too much about the worries of the day- not concerning yourself with your to do list- phone and other technological devices off to the side- maybe a little music- maybe with a friend (if you happen to live with your boyfriend like me, breakfast time is always social.


gotta have me some fresh herbs.


coffee with some coconut milk? yes please.


water with lime and fresh mint? mhmmm.



smoked salmon on rye with avocado, sundried tomatoes, capers, fresh dill, avocado mash, and a big egg? yes yes yes.


granola cereal + banana, scrambled eggs with vegan parmesan cheese and hot sauce.


homemade granola cereal with bananas and strawberries.

I like making my breakfast more intricate than the rest of my meals and full of fun details. It sets my day off well and if the rest of the day is a stressful mess- at least I had a leisurely breakfast in a brunch state of mind. Ya, dig?P1040045

Now that I’m not blogging as much in the morning, I have more time to craft the beauties that have filled this post. I have the mental space to play and be creative as the sun is rising. Again, if the rest of the day is a failure, at least I created something glorious at the crack of dawn.


iced coffee mixed with coconut milk, mint, and scraped out vanilla bean.


Are you THAT surprised that I’ve used my new found free time on breakfast? Me either.P1040058Treat yo’ self. Don’t cancel your brunch plans just because the weekend is ending.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Brunch State of Mind

  1. What wonderful brunch ideas. Everything looks so good. It’s the same deal here. The long, warm days of summer folks want to get their drink on…on a patio preferably. I like a cocktail as much as the next person, but I definitely could not sit on a patio downing drinks for hours.

  2. Hahaha touche. You’re so right, it’s more about the mimosas than the food. However I definitely love making brunch an “out to eat” occasion. You’re on to something, though, about making breakfast/brunch a big deal every day. Just because it’s a Monday doesn’t mean it’s time for a bowl of cereal.

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