The Dealio


I wasn’t going to write this post today- but I think I’ll feel a hell of a lot better if I get it out there before the weekend begins for me. Yes, I know it’s already Saturday but starting tonight, I’ll be off for three days in a row because my parents and two youngest sisters are coming to visit me! WOOP. So while although it may be Saturday, I keep forgetting because I’m just so focused on getting to the later part of today when my family is in town.

Before those wicked fun shenanigans begin- I gotta put something out there. I haven’t blogged since Monday. Which is weird for me. You guys are used to me talking my face off over here like, several times a week. So what’s the dealio? Let me lay it on you.Image

I haven’t been drawn to this space lately to get my thoughts and ideas out there. I just haven’t wanted to write. Even the past couple of weeks, when I had been posting more regularly, I haven’t really been feeling it. Not because I lost my love of writing or because I hate the internet world or because I’m done with being a healthy individual. I’ve just never been the kind of person who will do something just to do it- I have to feel impassioned- I have to feel that desire- I have to really want to do something. SO because I haven’t really wanted to write or share things here, I didn’t want to post because my heart wouldn’t be in it. And that’s just dumb. I always want to be putting stuff out there that is my best and that I can put my whole self into. I owe that to not only myself- but to you guys. I never want you to read something that isn’t totally me or directly from my heart. Ya know?

What’s with the funk? Not really quite sure. Well. Actually. Maybe I know. I think that right now, a healthy lifestyle isn’t my number one focus. Working out and eating right (especially eating right) will ALWAYS be priorities in my life- they’re not even things I have to give that much thought to- they’re just a part of who I am and what I do everyday (hey hey permanent lifestyle changes) BUT they’re not the tippity top most important thing to me right now. I don’t want to channel all of my energy and creative juices toward those things. I want to keep doing those things, obviously, but I kind of want to focus on the other parts of me and my life and not feel pigeon holed into a certain persona. I truly care about my health and well being- its a type of awareness that I’ve been enlightened to that I don’t think I could ever shake at this point. But I care a whole lot about a lot of other things.

When I first started this blog, eating healthy and exercising were wicked new to me. Everything I was experiencing with food and working out was brand spanking new and I had a lot to say- there was so much I wanted to share and express my thoughts/feelings about. Now… those things aren’t so new. It doesn’t mean I’m not inspired by them, moved by them, or that they aren’t things that I’m not passionate about- I just don’t feel the need to talk about them as often. You get me here?

I feel like I’ve given all my readers a lot of valuable healthy lifestyle advice- and that’s awesome to me- but maybe it’s time to let someone else take the limelight in that realm? I don’t know. I have a lot of thoughts on this.Image

When I feel like I have something revolutionary to share (okay, well maybe not THAT intense), I will be all up on this blog like… avocado on toast (yum). But I think I’m going to take a step back for a while and just do me.

Is that okay with you guys? I’m not disappearing forever. That’s for sure. Knowing me, just writing this post will inspire me to start writing again like everyday and I won’t shut my mouth (stop my hands typing?). But seriously, I’m still going to post- just a whole lot less often. I don’t know how frequently I will or will not post- so let’s just go with- 

I, Allison, promise to post whenever I feel it in my heart- whenever there are words in my soul that I have to put out there- or whenever I simply need the space to say something I think that you all will find important/relevant/useful.

Blogs are weird- it’s easy for them to feel like an obligation. It’s easy for bloggers to totally overestimate their influence on the world and the online community- it’s easy for bloggers to blow out of proportion not blogging for a little bit- it’s easy for bloggers to overvalue their blogs worth. And then when you stop blogging and realize the world keeps spinning… it’s crazy. It makes a blogger laugh at themselves for being so narcissistic.

But I love my blog. And I love you guys. And I felt like I owed you all an explanation and to tell you what the future is looking like for me here on the interwebs.

OKAY. Now I’m off to enjoy MY FAMILY! And Easter and the sun and food and spring and all that jazz.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “The Dealio

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I think the world of blogging is wonderful. You meet so many people from all corners of the world, share your passions, life tidbits, and get to read about theirs too. But…. there comes a time when you run out of steam and content and excitement. When I first began I used to be caught up in stats and followers and the external “wow” factor, nowadays, not so much. I have a few followers that I have connected with, I look forward to their posts and learn so much from them, that includes you little lady.

  2. Allison – totally support your decision to take a break for now and post only when you feel you want to. Blogs are a LOT of work, and you’ve done so much to make WHW such a positive, fun, real place for your readers. Congrats lady. I’ll be following along and hope to connect outside of the Internet sometime soon : )

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