Sprung on Spring


So it can it be wicked sunny and warm all the time? Please?

Nah, I don’t actually wish that. But I felt it this weekend as I thawed out my winter worn body in the sunshine. I promise I’ll be just as excited for fall when the summer intensity becomes too much. I’m a seasons girl. That being said- I was so ready for the season of winter to be over and I’m really happy that it is spring now.

This weather makes eating some of my favorite foods just seem more appropriate. The amount of strawberries, mangos, coconut, asparagus, mushrooms, and peas that I ate this weekend was wonderful.

Like I told you on Friday, I focused this weekend on stretching and strengthening. No intense exercise. Just a whole lot of walking and time with myself. And Will.

And that’s exactly what I did- I’m pretty sure I walked the distance of a marathon over the weekend. It was great. I saw cherry blossoms, monuments I hadn’t visited in a while, Theodore Roosevelt island, so many dogs, a lot of happy people, some crazy tourists, the Great Falls in Virginia with Will, breakfasts on the balcony, lots of amazing restaurants at the Blue Jeans Ball last night (such.good. food) and the red sox lose three games to the yankees, and plenty of good eats.IMG_20140412_110215[1]IMG_20140412_110726[1]IMG_20140412_112008[1]IMG_20140412_105331[1]IMG_20140412_104623[1]IMG_20140412_104249[1]IMG_20140412_103832[1]IMG_20140412_104503[1]IMG_20140412_103711[1]IMG_20140412_111254[1]

Springtime Jasmine Rice Salad || served with lemon and herb chickenP1030976

Orecchiette Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms and Peas || with added ground chicken + no mascarpone + red pepper flakesP1030968P1030969

Mango Margarita Spritzers || enjoyed while playing uno and watching the sox gameIMG_20140411_201024[1]IMG_20140411_203642[1]P1030970

Post-walk around the city kombucha and sunbathing in the park.IMG_20140412_164937[1]IMG_20140412_174402[1]IMG_20140412_125853[1]IMG_20140412_124450[1]

Post-hike smoothie with strawberries, frozen mango, coconut oil, coconut milk, and flax.IMG_20140413_162451[1]IMG_20140413_091056[1]IMG_20140413_091217[1]IMG_20140413_122553[1]IMG_20140413_093641[1]

Breakfast on the balcony!

English muffin with raspberry jam + egg on one side and banana on the other, more egg on the side with avocado. It’s my perfect combo of sweet and savory that I go to when I can’t decide what I want in the morning.IMG_20140412_072423[1]

Sweet english muffins with almond butter and banana + lots of fruit + leftover ground chicken and greens.IMG_20140413_073859[1]

Ezekiel bread french toast cooked in coconut oil with walnuts, strawberries, and syrup.IMG_20140414_074711[1]

Below are some shots from the Blue Jeans Ball which benefited the Capital Area Food Bank. Whole Foods was a sponsor and Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream (another sponsor and vendor at the event) so kindly offered up a few free tickets for Whole Foods employees. It was a DELICIOUS event. It was a live and silent auctioned surrounded by a tasting of foods from local restaurants. I ate so much. It was all so flipping good. Holy cow. Thank you again to Gifford’s for letting me attend, get to know them (they’re from Maine so OBVIOUSLY we got along), and be a guest of theirs!


Yeah they handed out falaffel and lamb from cava- no biggie.IMG_20140413_191307[1]IMG_20140413_191132[1]IMG_20140413_194601[1]




The only thing I had two of… the churros from La Tasca. UHHHHHH hello heaven.IMG_20140413_183947[1]IMG_20140413_193829[1]IMG_20140413_193855[1]IMG_20140413_191150[1]IMG_20140413_194728[1]IMG_20140413_194656[1]IMG_20140413_203914[1]IMG_20140413_203906[1]IMG_20140413_203715[1]IMG_20140413_194139[1]IMG_20140413_184508[1]IMG_20140413_191759[1]

And it was finally warm enough for me to wear these shoes out! YES. I’ve been waiting.IMG_20140413_202720[1]

The people from Nora gave me a signed copy of her cookbook because of how enthusiastically I talked about their food and their spot! SO much love! Such a nice gesture- I couldn’t believe it when they handed me the book.IMG_20140413_195356[1]

(All my pictures are of kind of low quality- there were just people moving everywhere and I couldn’t really be in anyone’s way so every shot was quick! Also, the lighting made for difficult phone photography).

To say I was stuffed would be an  understatement.

On a more serious note- the most important thing I did this weekend, however, was reflect. I know- sounds lame and cheesy and too introspective. But hear me out.IMG_20140412_114816[1]

I used to think that if I didn’t run a bunch of miles as soon as I woke up or if I didn’t go to the gym and do something intense- that I would have an awful day. That I would feel unhealthy and inadequate and gross. There are still times where I think those things. What I was able to realize this weekend and this past week was that I can still have a good day and I can still be healthy and happy even if I don’t “workout” in the morning. My good days, health, and happiness are not determined by workouts- but they are determined by the sum of all the choices I make throughout the day.

I have a healthy and happy day if I:

  • Do things that I feel good about (making decisions that feel intuitively right)
  • Tend to my emotional needs
  • Give myself time to sleep
  • Am relatively active throughout the day
  • Allow myself the time to stretch
  • Eat well and plentiful
  • Am social for at least some part of the day (a phone call with a loved one, a meal with a friend, one-on-one time with Will)
  • Make the time to be outside and moving in some way for at least thirty minutes (preferably in the sun- but I can’t control the weather)
  • Am kind to the people I come across
  • Am open to new and different experiences that pop up
  • Put my best foot forward and embrace confidence, beauty, and self-love.

Right now I’m challenging myself to see myself outside of exercise and it’s working already. I still have intense scary moments of self-hate, worry, and doubt- BUT there are MORE moments of me thinking, hey I’m a pretty great human being that have nothing to do with exercise or what I look like. They have everything to do with the love I show to myself and the love I give back to the world (I’m sure you’re all vomming on your keyboards- but it’s true! I can’t help it).

I wanted 2014 to be all about polishing. I have all the tools and knowledge to eat well and to take care of myself- now I’m just trying to polish up all my rough edges and work on the lingering issues that remain, be more confident, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Being comfortable in my own skin and feeling sexy (God forbid, right?) are hard things for me- but I know I’m making progress.

This is going to sound weird- but I thought it when I was getting dressed this morning. I feel more like a woman these days. I feel less like a scared little girl and feel more like a proud woman. A woman who is unafraid of the future (most of the time) and unashamed of her body (most of the time) and unabashedly in love with the person that she is (most of the time). I know I’m only 23. Still pretty young. But yeah- these days I feel more grown-up. Me saying that “out loud” probably just illustrates my naivety- but I digress.

Whatever I’ve been doing this past week has been working. I’ve been feeling better all around. Sleeping better than I have in FOREVER. My stomach is running so smoothly that I’m almost afraid to admit that for fear that I’ll jinx it.

And right before the weekend, I got the BEST compliment ever from this random older woman as I was sampling mangos for Whole Foods. As I handed her a cup of mango slices, she said to me:

You know what- you’re the perfect spokesperson for mangos. You look healthy and youthful and beautiful- and just like the kind of person that eats mangos.

She said it in passing as she hurried away to get on with her day- but I don’t think she understood how much it meant to me. I blushed big time.

I think I’ve said enough for today. Thanks for hearing me out, guys. And for letting me share my weekend with ya (as always) 🙂

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Sprung on Spring

  1. So many beautiful pictures! I couldn’t be more jealous of your balcony. I have no outdoor space and would kill to be able to eat outside!

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