Stretch and Strengthen


Stretch and Strengthen: that’s the theme for this week.

This morning’s workout looked a little something like this:

  • 15 minutes nice and easy on the elliptical
  • 10 good mornings, 10 lateral lunges, 10 inchworms, 10 cobra to downward facing dogs (x2)
  • 10 min. foam rolling
  • 10 romanian dead lifts | 1 min. plank (x3)
  • 10 shoulder raises | 15 hip bridges (x3)
  • 10 shoulder presses | 20 shoulder taps (x3)
  • 10 tricep extensions | 30 sec. wall sit (x3)
  • 10 bicep curls |  20 alternating arm/leg supermans (x3)

In the days leading up to the cherry blossom 10-miler where I tried to rest as much as possible, I think I realized how overtired and burnt out I was. It felt so good to sleep more and take things easy. The self-imposed time out was so necessary. When it came time to do the run yesterday morning, I wasn’t resentful of running or stressed about it- I was excited about running.IMG_20140406_103041[1]

That being said, last Thursday (pre-NYC), I pulled a muscle in my upper thigh/hip area and it has been bothering me ever since. I’ve been icing it and paying extra attention to it when I stretch and stuff- but other than that- I really haven’t been taking that good of care of the issue. I’ve still been very active on it and have been trying to do all the things in spite of it. I was hoping that taking a low key approach to life pre-run Saturday that it would heal itself and feel a lot better. And while it had felt better, it hurt throughout the whole run. Which was unpleasant. Everything else about the run was great- the rest of my body felt good and the weather was great- but my left leg was like… yeah I’m done now.IMG_20140406_103019[1]

I finished the ten miles strong, 1:33:13 total time making for an average 9:19 min. mile. Which I’m proud of despite a slight injury!IMG_20140406_103032[1]

But I know now that if I ever want my leg to feel 100% again, I need to take better care of it. Better stretching- more icing- less doing things that are going to aggravate it (like walking up stairs and mountain climbers). Exercise injuries and overuse injuries are something I’m fairly unfamiliar with SO if you have any advice for me- please share.

This is coming at a fairly good time, however, as I’m sort of tired of running so much any way. I could definitely use a time chunk of my life where I’m more focused on stretching and strengthening versus a whole lotta cardio. I’m not over running at all- don’t get me wrong- I’ve just been doing a lot of it lately and can’t do it feeling my best at the moment anyway so its sort of unappealing.  Instead of me being frustrated with the things in my life by the things I can’t do, I’m going to embrace all the things I can do.

You gotta do what’s right for your body and mind!

That’s what I focused on this weekend and that’s what I shall be focusing on in the weeks to come.

What other good things did I do for my body and mind this weekend?

I attended DC Fit and moderated an awesome panel on nutrition featuring a fellow Healthy Eating Specialist and the founder of Get Lean Life, Marina Hotkova. Ericka, a blogger over at The Sweet Life, recapped her experience at the event. She took some really good pictures- check em out! I really loved the pop-up nature of the event and hope more things like this happen in DC. Everyone was excited and happy to be there. It was all really well done. I got to talk with Christy and Abby for a long time too!

I refueled post ten mile race REAL well. First up was an epic green smoothie (frozen mango, banana, strawberries, spinach, avocado, coconut water, spirulina).IMG_20140406_105516[1]

And then sandwiches from G with Will. Lemme tell you about their meatball sub. YUM. And their special Bahn Mi sandwich for the month wasn’t too shabby either!IMG_20140406_121909[1]IMG_20140406_121913[1]IMG_20140406_121809[1]

I also embraced rest and relaxation by letting Will take the reigns last night and make dinner for us! It’s always hard for me to relinquish control and let someone else handle the cooking.IMG_20140406_191659[1]

He did an amazing job though and made us burgers (made with bbq sauce and topped with avocado), roasted rosemary potatoes, and salads with mango + radishes + walnuts + spinach + lemon juice. I was impressed and proud! It ain’t easy puilling together a killer dinner (I would know he he).IMG_20140406_192509[1]IMG_20140406_192502[1]

During the day yesterday Will and I went for a walk (to enjoy the sunshine!!!) and made sure to walk through the zoo. We got to see some big cats! A big sleepy lion and the newest tiger cubs! I was so excited.IMG_20140406_142310[1]

Any day where I get to see large cats and wear a t-shirt outside and feel WARM… that’s a great day.IMG_20140406_144454[1]

I also BAKED. As part of my “bake once a month” goal, I made Katie’s healthy hummingbird cupcakes topped with coconut butter and crushed pineapple. They’re so good! I really want to make them for my family when they come here for Easter.IMG_20140406_204231[1]IMG_20140406_204247[1]IMG_20140406_204322[1]

Other than that, I tried to take it easy, not stress myself out too much, plan for the week ahead, watched Downton Abby, and again- enjoyed lots of time outside.IMG_20140406_131616[1]

AND I GOT A NEW PHONE. It was long overdue. I went to the t-mobile store to talk upgrades and plan details- not expecting to get a new phone- but seeing an affordable one, talking to the guy about it, and then getting it. Such a random weekend purchase- but I couldn’t be happier about it. My old phone, my replacement from dropping my first ever smart phone down the elevator shaft of my apartment building, was the saddest thing ever. My new one has already made me life so much easier. It’s not even that quality of a phone- but for me- it’s just exactly what I need. Boom.

It’s a rainy Monday but I don’t have any reasons to be down. Will and I scored Fleetwood Mac tickets this morning (OMG YES). The Red Sox are starting a new series so I can forget about the disaster that was the one against the Brewers this weekend. Work is busy- but in a good way. I started the morning with a bowl of quinoa cooked in coconut milk and mixed with blueberries, crushed pineapple (leftover from the cupcakes), sunflower seed butter, banana, and egg whites. Tomorrow is the peak day for the cherry blossoms (!!!) and I have the day off soooo if I want to go see them I can. And Will isn’t traveling this week for work.IMG_20140407_074636[1]

Again. The focus this week is to stretch and strengthen- both physically and mentally. So if you see me stressing or running- pull me aside and give me a firm talking to.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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