Real Life Friday: What’s Good


Wahoo it’s Friday! The weather is gloomy (get outta here rain) but the forecast for the weekend is looking pretty beautiful. And normally I work one day on the weekend, but I took both days off this week so that I could participate in DC Fit tomorrow and run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday. AND it’s pay day! AND I don’t have to cook dinner tonight because WIll and I are trying out SEI for some delicious sushi.

Needless to say, feeling pretty good about today.

Other things making me feel pretty good? I can’t say enough wonderful things about having warmer weather. It’s not perfect- I wish there was more warmth and sun- but it’s so much better than polar vortex shenanigans. My goodness. I no longer have to worry about my fingers and toes feeling like they’re going to fall off.

I still have to wear shoes with socks (no sperrys and sandals and flats for me quite yet… damn poor circulation) BUT I don’t have to wear my puffy winter coat at all times and can comfortably wear my leather jacket. I’ll take it.

Part of the reason why I’m anticipating more sunshine and the temperatures increasing slowly but surely is my spring wardrobe. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been creeping on sales at places like GAP and Banana Republic and Old Navy (yes, I know they’re all in the same line of clothing, just slightly different styles and price points) and snagging a couple things here and there when I can. My wardrobe and sense of style is pretty basic- I like simple things and items that can be casual or dressed up a bit with a little work.

I cannot wait to live in this sleeveless jean dress, this t-shirt dress, this white button down {I gotta break it in and roll up those sleeves!}, these khakis, shorts, quarter-length sleeve shirts, and my light blue jean chambray shirt from old navy. Again… wicked simple. Whites and denim and blues and shades of beige and neutrals. It’s how I roll. With occasional punches of color. It’s the closest thing to a sense of style that I’m going to get.

I want to wear these clothes and lay in the sun and eat outside on patios. That’s about it.

And drink a mango margarita. So Whole Foods did this horrible thing to me where it got me hooked on mangos and then rejected the batch of kent mangos we were supposed to receive for quality reasons (which is a good thing- I know) so we have no kent mangos at the store currently. SERIOUS WITHDRAWALS. What the heck am I supposed to do now?! I know- we have champagne mangos- they’re good too- but I want the classic ones. C’MON! Why you do this to me, nature! So sad. No muchos mangos for me. Really though, you shouldn’t pity me- I have a bag of dried mango slices at home and frozen mango chunks in the freezer. My life isn’t that hard.P1030921

But when those fresh babies resurface around here, these margaritas are going to be made. Wait for it.

Whole Foods is making it up to me with a beautiful community calendar to feast my eyes upon. Every store has a calendar of events and ours is usually looking pretty snazzy. But in honor of earth month, ours is looking GORGEOUS. Look at this thing. Like seriously- just come to our store to see the calendar. It’s amazing.2014-04-03 09.46.18

And much prettier calendar than my kitchen calendar. I was all excited for a new month and a new photo… until I flipped the page over. Um. Those pastry treats shaped like bunnies are pretty dang creepy. Not cool, calendar, not cool.P1030954 - CopyGood thing most of the time I’m in the kitchen I’m way too into my food to look at the calendar. Especially when I’m making breakfasts like this:P1030957

Sweet potato topped with a heated up mash of banana and coconut butter- and then sprinkled with a little granola and chopped banana? Holy crap, man!

Coconut butter is the new love in my life. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try it. It’s amazing! I’ve been drizzling it over fresh strawberries and raspberries for dessert… killin’ it! Last night I mixed a tablespoon of it with white chocolate chips (so it all melted together) and had THAT over berries… woah. Coconut butter- I love you.2014-04-01 18.28.16I don’t know how people don’t like coconut. More for me I guess. Speaking of- it you ever come across these snacks “barnana” (literally just made of banana and coconut), get them. They’re basically like mini-larabars but without dates or nuts. Just banana and coconut. I snacked on them before yoga and they were perfect.2014-04-03 06.20.132014-04-03 06.21.132014-04-03 06.20.47

In other food news- my stomach has been feeling better and running more smoothly since I started to eat less dairy. I haven’t cut it out completely and still have greek yogurt- but I’ve significantly reduced the amount of cheese I’m eating and have been eating less yogurt. SO I’m going to keep on keeping on with that journey for now.

I really want to order this book/package Lift Weights Faster by Jen Sinkler but don’t want to spend $100 on it. Not because I think its not worth it (it looks AMAZING + it comes with a nutritional supplement written by Diane Sanfilippo whom I love love love) but because I hate spending money in large amounts like that. It might happen though. Jen is such a badass and I feel like this guide would help me get out of the fitness (and food) funk I’m feeling. But I also kind of hate that I’m turning to buying something to solve my problems. But what if it would solve them?! Oh the dilemma.

Not as big as the dilemma I faced last night though- what color nail polish to paint my toes. OH DEAR LORD. I agonized about this way too much. Like… get some real problems, Allison. I chose this mint green color for the sole reason that it was spring-y and easter-y and that’s all I want in life right now. I’m digging it. It made me happy to see my little toes this morning. That’s all that matters?P1030956

And don’t even GET ME STARTED on how amazing it is to have baseball back. Oh there’s a sox game for me to watch every night? YES. Today is our home opener at Fenway and I’m sending my men all my love 🙂

What’s good in your life? What are you enjoying or looking forward to? Are the little things totally making your world feel okay like they are for me?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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