Last Gasps of Winter

2014-03-30 18.00.59Is it true- is the worst winter of all time finally over here in DC?

Is that… THE SUN?! OH MY GOODNESS! I forgot what you looked like!

I don’t have to wear gloves or a scarf today?! I don’t need my big puffy jacket?! March is nearly over and it’s April?!

HALLELUJAH. I feel like also exclaiming “Praise Jesus!” is appropriate. It is Lent after all.

That picture above was the only sun that was seen by me this weekend. And it was when I was on the plane from NYC back to DC yesterday- miles and miles above the dismal, rainy conditions down below. What a world.2014-03-30 18.00.49

But actually… that was A LOT of rain. Amiright? So unfortunate.

I feel like this weekend was the last tunnel of darkness to push through to a well deserved spring. The weather was cold, rainy, windy, and all around disgusting. It wasn’t reflective of my mood though- as I was pretty happy to be in NYC this weekend.

But it definitely made me feel sort of lazy and played a hand in me being a total glutton all up and down the island of Manhattan. No shame.2014-03-28 18.37.33

Food was most definitely the highlight of this weekend. Absolutely.There was so much good, decadent, and amazing things this weekend. My favorite blogger Jessica recently went on a trip and called it a “carbcation.” That’s really the only appropriate way I can describe my time in NYC. In her words, this weekend was “a carbcation of epic proportions.”

It was also so great to see some of my best friends and to spend a lot of quality time with Will. Most of my moments this weekend were spent walking around famous buildings in NYC (grand central, the met, the public library, rock center, etc.), in quiet corners of restaurants + cafes + bars, and in bustling crazy stores in Times Square.2014-03-28 21.46.152014-03-28 21.46.232014-03-29 06.47.042014-03-30 14.32.34Oh. And Soul Cycle in Union Square! About those 45 minutes spent there…2014-03-29 08.31.082014-03-29 08.22.282014-03-29 08.22.102014-03-29 08.23.432014-03-29 08.25.472014-03-29 07.06.162014-03-29 08.30.35

THAT was intense. It was reminiscent of Zengo here in DC- low lighting, very vocal instructor, very loud music, and the incorporation of other types of exercises while on the spin bike to make it a more well rounded workout.

It was Will’s first spin class too (he he he)! He found it to be very challenging. It was hard for me to not look over at him in the mirror to see how he was doing from time to time.

Being pretty used to spin, it wasn’t anything too far outside of the realm of what I’m familiar with. The class did go by really fast (for me anyway) which means I must have been really into what I was doing! That’s a good sign, right?!

My typical weekly spin classes incorporate a lot of climbs and sprints- whereas my class at Soul Cycle felt more like an endurance ride set to the playlist of the instructor. We did one steep climb- and there were times where the instructor pushed us to change the tempo of our pedaling. There was a lot of “extras” to the spinning, including pushups, tap backs (what we call jumps in my spin class), and a section with light hand weights (when I say light- don’t think I’m implying that this part was easy- it was SO hard).

The people working at the studio were all really nice and I could see why people are drawn to the place. It really focuses on being motivational, inspirational, riding together, and “the experience” as a whole. I had never done spin by candlelight before either- so that was pretty neat. At the end of the day, I think I’m just more of a gritty workout kind of girl- I don’t need a lot of frills and extras to be impressed- I just want a good workout. All the other stuff was cool (the hype, the wicked nice amenities) but I don’t need that stuff.

It’ll be cool to see how it does in DC! It’s coming soon, people!

But back to the food. Food that not even a class at Soul Cycle could burn off efficiently enough– but I don’t even care. It was all so worth it and so good.

Imma tell you all about it so that if you go to NYC sometime soon- you’ll know what’s up.

On Friday night Will and I went to Butter (Alex Guarnaschelli’s restaurant).

I didn’t take very many pictures this weekend 1) because I didn’t want to carry my camera around and 2) the rainy weather was not a good look for my bangs- my hair was cray. So I only have random snapshots from my crappy little phone. And none at Butter because it was a classy enough place that I didn’t want to be taking pics of everything.

Sometimes you need a date night with your man sans blogger life baggage 😉

But the food. Bread and butter (obviously) to start. Then sourdough toast with homemade ricotta, mushrooms, and brussel leaves? I died. I wiped every single crumb that I could off my plate with my fingers. Yeah that’s right, I felt uncomfortable taking a picture in the restaurant but not salivating like a crazy person over all my food. After the toast came the best cod and clams I’ve ever eaten. And that was followed by some buttercream cake and a raspberry rhubarb crisp. Uhhhhhhh.

And I saw Alex Guarnaschelli! And sat in her presence for all of five minutes! Too awe struck to say anything- but in utter astonishment nonetheless. She made me some heavenly things.

Saturday, after Soul Cycle, Will and I got breakfast at Friend of a Farmer. Nothing too special, but wicked cozy + good coffee and omelettes- served straight in the skillet. And juice! Watermelon, banana, and mint! Mmmm. 2014-03-29 08.38.322014-03-29 08.47.402014-03-29 08.54.42

We also walked around the Union Square farmer’s market and scoped out the Whole Foods there! I just can’t get away… OBVIOUSLY we went in and bought mango. Obviously.2014-03-29 09.40.16

Lunch was at Dig Inn (a chain I wish DC had!)- where Will apparently eats lunch a lot when he’s working during the week. I like doing the things he does when I’m not there. I got a smoothie there with my food that was a combination of green apple + avocado + lime juice + soy milk + agave. I was all about it. I want to recreate it so bad. Their food is pretty healthy, convenient, filling, and made well- can’t ask for much more!2014-03-29 13.12.35

Drinks were had with friends at the Met after wandering various galleries (so classy- I know) and dinner followed at a nice Mexican place. I had a really tasty watermelon basil margarita- and totally bit into the watermelon rind that was in my drink thinking it was a cucumber. I’m an idiot. It’s cool.

The night was ended with a concrete from Shake Shack! When in Rome, right?!

Ess-a-Bagel greeted us Sunday morning- I had been dreaming of this onion bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese, lox, onions, and capers. So flipping good.2014-03-30 09.04.44

After tourist times in Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza, Will and I went to the upper west side where we fell upon the Amsterdam Burger Company where I had the best burger I’ve had in AGES. Ages I tell you! It was comfort food at its finest. What a hidden gem. It was even cooler because it was in this little Jewish area of the ‘hood and they were a certified kosher kitchen. 2014-03-30 12.40.322014-03-30 12.59.50

The last stop on the culinary masterpiece tour was to the Momofuku Milk Bar location around the corner. Holy crap, guys. What an innovative and wicked good bakery! I was beyond impressed! I had cereal milk soft serve and cream cheese icing soft serve (oh my gahhh) and a peanut butter cookie. I can’t even. I was so full (note: this was immediately post burger consumption) but I couldn’t stop- it was so good. I needed it alllllllll. Everything looked amazing in there.2014-03-30 13.37.142014-03-30 13.18.572014-03-30 13.15.242014-03-30 13.15.08

I bought a slice of their famous crack pie to bring home to DC with me. Best decision of all time? Most definitely.

Do I have you dying over your computers yet? It was SO MUCH good food. I was in foodie heaven. All that being said- I was so excited to come home and get the fullest sweetgreen salad I could get my hands on. Greens never tasted so good. There was definitely a vegetable consumption shortage this weekend. Which is okay- because on most days I probably eat TOO many vegetables.

The brief separation between the veggies and me was a great reminder of how much I love/appreciate them.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t devour the crack pie post salad. But I digress.

The weekend was sort of a blur. It was surreal to be in a different city yet feel so at home and at ease with where I was. It made me feel really grateful for the relationship I have with Will- no matter where we are- we make it feel like home. We do the things we want to do together and carve out a little path for the two of us to exist on together. It’s cheesy and lame, I know, but it’s all true. And I love him so much. Okay. I’m done word vomming all of my romanticism now.2014-03-30 09.38.19

It all went by in a flash. Like I said, it was like the last circle of weather hell (where their were food temptations everywhere- deadly sins committed aplenty) and now… we’re here in DC in SPRING.

Its crazy to me that the rain and clouds are gone now. The sky is blue. The air is warm(er). It feels like a different universe.

I’m so ready for it to really be spring. The light, refreshing breeze. The crisp and bright produce. The pretty flowers darting the sidewalks as I walk all over the place.


YEAH BUDDY- HAPPY OPENING DAY, EVERYONE! Words cannot describe my bliss. Baseball is back and I don’t think I’ve been this excited for the first day of baseball… like ever. I’m just SO READY for it.BASEBALL

I have this song stuck in my head:

And I just keep picturing my boys walking out onto the field to take care of business yet again in 2014. Let’s do it! In a couple hours Lester will be throwing out his first pitch of the year. Woop woop!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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