Real Life Weekend Edition: Unplugging

run it

The above picture was taken by someone from the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon at some point right after I crossed the finish line- I had no idea it was taken. I look like such a goober- which I think accurately portrays me at my happiest state- goofy and smiley. Even though this picture isn’t the best one of me, I think it shows all of the emotions I was feeling right after I finished my first ever half marathon. I was really proud of myself and feeling out of this world (and was also a little out of it and disheveled).

That picture is proof that I accomplished something huge and that I was able to recognize it for a moment. Love.

Well. We all know that my week slowly crumbled from happiness to stress and sadness (womp). And after a terribly mentally exhausting week, I knew I needed to spend the weekend doing some serious unwinding. The problem with unwinding is, you can’t really plan it. Every time I tell myself to relax and to just enjoy life I get more anxious because of the pressure I put on myself. (read: I’m a HUGE FREAK). Good vibes and good days come naturally- you can’t force them. No matter how hard I try sometimes….

Lucky for me, I was blessed with a peaceful state of mind this past weekend. I think what helped big time was unplugging a bit from technology (hence why you haven’t heard from me since Wednesday). I love my blog- I love funny tweets from my friends- and scrolling through instagram at all times of the day is one of my favorite activities, but most of the time, being extremely connected brings more negative energy into my life than positive energy. Even emails- they bombard me and fill me with the sense of having to respond. Some days it all seems like too much noise.

After reading Christy’s post about unplugging more often, I was inspired to make a better effort to just step away from all my technological devices and applications and systems. I already do a good job at night- I shut my phone down at a certain time and usually don’t even have computer time after dinner- but during weekend days, I still cling to my phone too often.

No mas. I did a test run this weekend and everything was so much better when I wasn’t reading people’s updates and comparing my life to what everyone else was doing. Instead I was living my (great) life- fancy that!

I think the warmer weather will help with this. I’m much more likely to go for a walk and be outside without my phone versus when I’m trapped indoors (wishing I could be outside). That jailed in feeling gets me stir crazy and I nervously/anxiously scroll through things on my phone. One more reason why this cold weather has got to go.

ANYWAY. Like I was saying- this weekend was everything I needed it to be and I didn’t expect that it would be at all. Making it even better.

Friday started out great thanks to the little things. Will made me hot coffee in the morning. There was toasted almond french toast. I read this blog post this morning from one of my favorite bloggers/social media and marketing aficionados about how starting the day off right with breakfast isn’t just about the physical stuff (read: eating healthy), but also about the mental stuff- the state of mind that a breakfast can put you in. I couldn’t agree more. This breakfast made me feel so good about the day ahead.P1030907P1030909

I had the time to walk the hour and a half to work (in the nice weather) while listening to podcasts. Work was productive and the time flew.

Whole Foods had steaks as their one day deal so I cooked and bought steaks for dinner (totally forgetting about Lent- whoops). It was the first time I had ever cooked steaks in our apartment.

Go figure- for all the cooking I do you think this would have happened sooner. Nope. For some reason cooking a good steak seemed too “out of my league.” Like it was something I needed to leave to the pros- not little old me.

It’s really not that hard though! Especially when you have your boyfriend reading you Alton Brown’s foolproof steak cooking recipe on the sidelines (I used my cast iron skillet and evoo- not veg oil).P1030911

Served with a potato, onion, and shredded brussels sprout hash. P1030913

And then… Will and I walked over for the grand opening of the Trader Joes now open three blocks from our apartment! AHHHHH! We moved into our apartment almost two years ago (!!!) and that’s when I heard rumors about this Trader Joes being built… THAT’S how long I’ve been waiting for this place to open. Day after day I have walked by the site, wishing, hoping, and dreaming. Friday FINALLY was the day! It still doesn’t seem real. It’s so great.


We celebrated with their mini mint mouthful ice cream sandwiches over Downton Abbey.P1030914

Saturday started with a solid 8 mile run (which I didn’t think I could do for some reason- but my fears turned out to be all mental and I ran those bad boys jussst fine!) which led me through the zoo! The incline of the zoo is never fun, but lurking on the animals makes it worth it. I didn’t spot any of the new babies, though. I’m looking for you, cubs.

And then I made an epic smoothie to refuel. I’m currently experimenting with spirulina to see if it has any positive effects on my health. The smoothie had a teaspoon of the green algae stuff, some coconut oil, cashew butter, mango (love love love these days), spinach, banana, coconut almond milk, and ice. It was HUGE. Like giant stadium sized cup huge. 2014-03-20 10.44.072014-03-20 10.43.57P1030915P1030916

Later on, Will and I took advantage of the warm weather and ate seafood at the waterfront in Georgetown. Nom nom nom tuna with spaghetti squash and onion strings.2014-03-22 13.21.54

There was also big beers in the beer garden down the street from us, sunshine, meal preparation for the week ahead, walking, and planning for our weekend in NYC.P1030917

OH and JEAN BUYING at Banana Republic.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything on Saturday as I’m forever trying my hardest to save money. But as you know from my last post, I need some new clothes. I’ve been wearing two pairs of jeans that never really fit right for the past TWO years. It was time I got a pair of jeans that I love, that fit me right, and that make me feel comfortable/good. I found them! And at 40% off! YES. Clothes don’t equal happiness but well fitting clothes can do a lot for self-esteem and being comfortable (aka not worrying about my pants that don’t really fit), which in turn allows me to think about other things in life.

And while I had my first dinner on our balcony a couple weeks ago, Will and I had our first balcony meal together on the balcony on Saturday. Wahoo! Followed by catching up on Tonight Show episodes (omg the one with Billy Joel- I died).P1030932

Sunday, Will and I ran three miles together- separated later for me to go to work- and then met up at our favorite deep dish pizza place in DC (District of Pi) and went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. SO GOOD. Both the pizza and the movie. Ralph Fiennes was absolutely amazing. And like all great Wes Anderson movies, the humor and the familiar rotation of actors was just… awesome. 2014-03-23 18.00.49

GAH this weekend. It was perfectly relaxing and productive and not stressful. Can I have a repeat of this one, life? Please?

This past weekend I was in a peaceful state of mind and next weekend I’ll be in a New York state of mind (ignore the cheesiness of that transition).

I’m REALLY looking forward for a weekend away. I already bought my magazine for the plane ride. Now if I can keep myself from reading it until Friday…2014-03-21 17.32.07

Until my upcoming travels, I have lots of work  to do- that’s for sure. Running and cooking and working and friend dates and all that jazz.

Other updates of note before I sign off? It’s officially tourist season here in DC! The cherry blossom festival kicked off over the weekend- thus- the tourists- they’re coming. 2014-03-20 18.22.43

I’m trying to eat less dairy in an attempt to see if it has any affect on my digestive system (says the girl who housed half a deep dish pizza on Sunday night). I haven’t been buying any new cheese and have just been using up what I have (and NOT buying more). My cheese drawer is in a sad state of affairs. I kind of just want to fill it with other stuff so it doesn’t look so empty.2014-03-21 08.26.09

There is plenty of mango in my fridge. Maybe I can fill it with mango. It kind of looks like cheese chunks? Sort of? I can’t stop eating it, guys. It’s becoming an issue. Only… not really. It’s a great new obsession. Even if my bank account disagrees. Get ready for a post more about mango and my new found love for it in the near future.2014-03-21 08.26.25

Okay. I’ve talked to you all enough I think. Here we are at Monday. New week, new attitude, new things to do, new things to accomplish. Let’s do it party people.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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