No More Hiding

P1030904In the past couple of weeks, I found it really easy to hide behind training and running my first half marathon. I used it as an excuse, sometimes rightfully so (sometimes not so much), for why I couldn’t do something or why I shouldn’t do something. I made my half shenanigans the priority in my life because I needed to.

Some examples: I could clean the kitchen- but I’m going to foam roll instead for the second time today, I could be creative with what I’m cooking and make a new recipe- but my brain is too tired to function and I just need simple food, I could give 100% effort on this work project- but my body is too tired to even try to exert that energy, I could walk to work instead of metroing- but I probably should rest my legs, I could go out for my friend’s birthday- but I have to get up early to run so I can’t go. You see what I’m saying here.

I said no to things in the name of the rock n roll half marathon and in the last two weeks of training especially, it was the most important thing going on in my life.

I’m SO ready for running to naht be a priority anymore. I love it, but I am a woman of balance and I felt a little out of it with when I was solely focused on being a mile crushing machine. I missed cooking and having more time to just be in the kitchen and not be frantic. I missed my gym and the people who also go there. I missed the flexibility of being able to do whatever I want when I want (in terms of workouts). I missed giving the other aspects of my life adequate attention.

I know I’m talking like I just trained for a marathon for a year (a sign that I am nowhere near ready to even think about running a marathon), but it really was strange for me.

Like, I saw going to spin this morning (instead of a treadmill run) as a reward for finishing half marathon training. What? Who thinks that? Who tweets something like that?

This guy.

SO even though the cherry blossom 10-miler is a few weeks away and running is still a pretty significant thing for me right now, it’s importance has been scaled back. I’m working on getting back to the things I also love and trying as always to better balance them all.

I spent my day off yesterday cooking. Cooking and “nesting” and doing things around my apartment. Say hello to lots of squash, sweet potatoes, baby bok choy, and a medley of spring vegetables {mushrooms, squash, asparagus}P1030893P1030891P1030901


I slept 9+ hours (something I haven’t done in FOREVER) and slept in until 7:30am (that’s huge for me, guys). I started the morning with a light incline walking workout + some body weight strength exercises (my legs were still a lil tired) while wearing my rock n roll race t-shirt. Is it weird that I want to wear this shirt to pretty much every workout now?


There were giant summer themed salads with corn and blueberries and lime juice and feta and tomatoes and other good stuff (take that, SNOW).P1030903P1030905

I ended the day with Downton Abbey, Will, and a chocolate frosted- green sprinkled- four leaf clover shaped cookie from Ted’s Bulletin. It was nice not feeling the pressure of half training.

It was nice to look at my next couple of weeks with a fresh and rested mind and think about how I want to tackle maintaining my running game for the cherry blossom 10-miler, while also not burning out.

It was even nicer to talk about traveling to California with Will in August. Because YES that’s happening. And then to decide to make a random little trip to NYC next weekend. I’ve been dying to travel and even though NYC isn’t my favorite place- it is full of some of my favorite people. I need a weekend away.

This week Will and I are going to a Typhoon concert and a Russian cultural event (which should be really interesting with everything that is going on over there these days).

I’m making pineapple cashew fried rice tonight (with shrimp!)- which is a recipe I’ve made before but am making again because it was that good. That’s saying something because I rarely make a recipe twice.

And I’m hoping all of these things, the super cool fun things + the mundane every day things, will get me back to feeling more like myself. And more balanced. That’s all I want.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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