Real Life Friday: Too Much

glasseskidThis week was a total haze. I was so tired like every single day. I blame daylight savings. We went to spring weather and then back to winter and now we’re going back to spring (only to go back to winter) and I don’t like the inconsistency. It makes me feel like I’m losing my mind a bit. And I really hate the dark mornings. They throw me off completely.

At least I got to eat my first meal out on the balcony in 2014? That was kind of cool I guess. It was light and warm outside at 7pm! I think I’d still rather have sunny mornings. P1030880

And as evidenced by my lack of posting, there was too much going on in my brain. I didn’t think I was that stressed out about my first half marathon tomorrow (!!!) but I think subconsciously I’m really really really nervous. This has led me to be more anxious than usual, a little on edge, my stomach to do more flips than normal, not as much sleep, and just feeling overwhelmed. I went to blog on Wednesday and yesterday and just no- I couldn’t do it.

I know I’ll be okay. I know I can do this. The control freak in me wants to worry about all of the things I can’t control. The doubter and pessimist in me wants to assume that I’m going to fail and that things are going to be awful. But I know things will be fine.

I’ve been doing everything right. I trained well. I’ve been eating well as always. I’ve been trying to get as much sleep as possible. I’ve researched all the race day details. I’ve been drinking plenty of water. I’ve been stretching. I rested yesterday and I’m resting today. I’ve gotten to know my body better and how it reacts to running long distances. I’ve pretty much laid out what I’m going to wear tomorrow. I know my iPod is charged and loaded with the music I want/need. There’s not much more I can do.

Besides go to the expo today and pick up the registration! Craziness.

When I’m not expo-ing, today I will be doing everything in my power to just relax. I need to calm down and not let all this excitement and madness get to my head. I want to feel as good as I can tomorrow and a big part of that will be taking care of myself today.

I’m also going to try and think about tomorrow as little as possible. There’s nothing left to think about! Only 13.1 miles to run!

There are plenty of other things I can think about. SO many good things happened this week even though I feel like on the whole, this week was rather… womp womp.

Not only are my parents and two younger sisters coming to visit for Easter Sunday + a few days… but my sister Jess (my BFF) is coming for a solo visit in May! I bought her bus tickets yesterday and I literally cannot wait. I’ve been wanting her to come here forever on her own and she FINALLY is! YES.

Also this week… I got to be really really really happy for two of my best friends. One of which got into a funded PhD program at YALE and the other got placed in the location she wanted with TFA. They’re both so talented and so passionate- I couldn’t be more thrilled for them or proud of them.

And then the rest of the good stuff happened in small doses. My new makeup that I ordered should be here today (still feeling guilty- but also really pumped), I got to eat SO much mango thanks to working at Whole Foods, people continued to really like my food at work, I had enchiladas for breakfast every single day this week, my coworkers were so awesomely supportive and motivational whenever there was talk of my upcoming race, I heard from friends and family who aren’t with me in DC, I caught up with the Kardashians, and I got free sweet potato fries from BGR because “I’m a supermodel.”P1030886

You read that last line correctly. So I was invited to this award ceremony thing last night that was set to honor leaders in sustainable, economical, and healthy food businesses/programs. There was a reception with appetizers and drinks, which was then followed by a dinner which accompanied the ceremony. When I got the invite, I was pumped- it seemed too good to be true, but hey- I just went with it. I was pumped to get all dressed up fancy and go out for it. I felt honored to be invited.

Then I got there and they informed me that I was only invited to the reception part (awkward) and not the dinner. This immediately made me feel terribly out of place and like a poor little girl in the midst of rich socialites (to be fair, I knew NO ONE there and everyone around me was a lot older than me, a lot more dressed up than me, seemingly wealthier than me, and far more bougey overall). I was uncomfortable. I took a few loops around the building in my nice clothes, sampled some kale chips- cashew cheese- steak of some sort- and then I slipped out. I felt immature and weird about the whole thing, but I couldn’t bare to be there any longer than I was.

So. Where’s a girl to go when she’s all dressed up- with a stomach ready for dinner- and nowhere to go? BGR- the burger joint. Their ahi tuna burger popped into my head and I knew it was what I wanted. So I walked in there, a pretty low key place, and felt comfortable despite the fact that I was way too gussied up. That’s the kind of place where I feel like myself. Not an upscale awards ceremony with a bunch of DC yuppies.

I initially ordered grilled asparagus with my burger- and then in true Allison fashion, decided I wanted sweet potato fries after I already paid. So I asked if it was too late to change my order because, YOLO (hate that I just used that- but its just so appropriate), and they had already cooked the asparagus. BUT the guy gave me both the asparagus and the sweet potato fries because in his words, I am “beautiful” and a “supermodel.”

I’ll take it.

So I went home. Put on pajamas. Left my hair all done up and my make up on. Devoured BGR while watching Hell’s Kitchen. And went to bed early.P1030882

Take that fancy DC dinner reception thingy that I’m apparently not good enough for.

No shame.

Alright FOLKS. This girl has got to bounce. And you won’t be hearing from me till I run 13.1 miles sooooo WISH ME LUCK. I’d like to think that I won’t stress at all today and that today will be wonderful and full of lots of good vibes- but I know me. Today will be interesting. Tomorrow morning will be terrifying.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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