Real Life Friday: Spring to Winter

2014-02-23 13.16.05It’s amazing how one weekend of spring weather totally erased my ability to deal with the back to winter weather. I shed my layers for two days and now I basically refuse to put them back on. I’ve walked out of the apartment multiple days this week sans gloves. Such a rookie move- but I just don’t want to wear them anymore. I’m so over it. But I know most of you are too so I’m not even going to continue to complain about it.

Though- I was recently listening to an old Nerdist podcast with B.J. Novak and they were talking about the consistent nice and warm weather in LA as opposed to the ever changing weather on the east coast… and they were saying how weather just isn’t even really a topic of conversation in LA. Like it doesn’t affect their days. It’s basically the same all the time and doesn’t get in their way- people don’t have to plan around it. And for that reason- they can focus on more productive things.

I never thought I would have the desire to move west- this winter and that little tidbit from the podcast made me want to go there immediately. But I’m too much of a jaded North Easterner for that to be a permanent thing. And I like seasons. And Al Roker was talking about all the mud slide warnings they have on them right now and that’s kind of scary. I don’t know how to handle those or earthquakes. So it’s settled- I’ll stay here.

Last weekend was full of time outside. It brought me back to life. Will and I walked to a deli on Saturday and ate our sandwiches at the Georgetown waterfront. One of my favorite foods is definitely deli sandwiches. Quality roast beef on delicious bread? I die. Good roast beef sandwiches are so freaking good.2014-02-22 13.41.51 Will got some crazy huge italian cold cut sandwich. And almost ate the whole thing- it was an olympic feat. He later ate sweetgreen for dinner because he felt gross for devouring that bad boy.2014-02-22 13.41.59

While we were in the Georgetown area, we were sure to reference Downton Abbey as much as possible. If there is any place in this city that makes me think of Lady and Lord Grantham- it’s Georgetown.P1030770

Also. I spent $10 on a pint of ice cream. The weather made me do it. No lie though- it’s made with such quality ingredients. I ate my half of the pint in record time. So good.P1030763

Looking at my pictures from that weekend versus this past week is just sad.

We went from this:2014-02-23 13.16.17

To this:P1030790


On my day off (where it snowed half the day) I attempted to make these fudge thumbprint cookies. Made with BLACK BEANS. I’ve always wanted to try baking with black beans and I finally went for it.P1030806P1030807P1030808

My batter came out way too liquidy to make cookies… so I put the batter in my mini muffin tin and hoped for the best. Whaddyah know- it worked!P1030810

Well one batch did. Being a huge idiot, I forgot to spray the second tin and let’s just say the thumbprint mini muffin brownie bite things did naht come out cleanly. Womp.P1030812P1030813

Have no fear though- no food was wasted. I saved the crumble mess and ate them over some siggi’s vanilla yogurt. With strawberry jam. Deconstructed thumbprint.P1030818

In the ones that DID work out… I put a little jam in the indent. I made some cherry jam that came out… okay. So in half of them I used the strawberry jam from this recipe. My coworkers and I are in agreement that the strawberry jam was the way to go.P1030816P1030817

That same day- desperate to get out of my apartment to just walk and get fresh air- I went to lunch with an old coworker and ended up buying a YELLOW PLUM from Whole Foods. I love buying one piece of weird produce.2014-02-25 13.58.16

Guys guess what- it tastes just like a regular plum. But it’s yellow. Interesting. I know. I just liked that it was so bright.

Speaking of getting lunch with a friend- every single day this week I have been social and/or eaten a meal with a friend. That might be normal to some people but for me- that’s pretty weird. I like my alone time and have the tendency to keep to myself. This past weekend (in the spring gloriousness) I saw one of my best friends who now lives in NY and one of my best friends who lives in DC. And then this week, I had lunches/dinners/meetups with old friends and new friends all over this city.


I got to eat some of my favorite foods too- cava, sweetgreen, sushi from Whole Foods, and tonight I’m going to my favorite restaurant- DGS Delicatessen.

It was kind of nice to be a little social butterfly. It certainly kept me distracted from the weather…

AND AND AND another one of my best friends is visiting this weekend and staying with me friday night! YES YES YES.

Another thing making me smile? This bag (and that fleece hanging on the chair behind it). I don’t care if that makes me sound materialistic. For months I’ve been carrying around a backpack to work- which is awesome and I like how purposeful it is- but sometimes I want to feel more like a lady and want a big girl bag. I rarely buy myself things, but I got this bad boy a couple weeks ago from Target and its awesome. The fleece- well I got that from work! So warm- so necessary these days.2014-02-27 10.12.352014-02-27 09.02.25

In the realm of other work things- the 28 day eating better program I was running is officially over today! Crazy how fast February flew. Considering January was the slowest/worst month of all time. This past week I cooked with collards for the first time and made Martha’s toasted quinoa and lemony cabbage dish. I highly recommend it.2014-02-24 17.03.422014-02-24 14.05.362014-02-24 17.50.36

I also showed people “what Allison eats in a day” to show customers how to incorporate foods that are wicked beneficial for your health into all your meals. I showed them how to make overnight oats,  a roasted tex-mex salad, and then some asian style salmon and brussels. Om nom nom.2014-02-26 13.45.44

Other random tid bits? I’m still following Girls– although I’m not sure if the show is really that good or if I’m just too invested in the character’s lives at this point to quit it. I also have watched every episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to date. I’m not obsessed with him or anything. Except that I am. I’ve only watched Late Night with Seth Meyers once. I love Seth and I know it was his first show, but it felt a little stiff/awkward. I hope it gets better because I like him too much for this whole thing to not work out. And Fred Armisen is just the man all around. So weird- so great.

And I got my bangs trimmed. Now only if I could get around to painting my toes. You literally have no idea how much this has been bothering me. I just keep forgetting.P1030821

OH. And I’m irrationally pretty upset that I missed national margarita day last weekend. Tequila has been my alcohol of choice as of late and I cannot believe I didn’t take up this fine opportunity to get my marg dranking on. To rectify this, I will be making these blood orange margaritas asap. I told Will to get the booze and I’ll supply the other ingredients.

ONE LAST THING. My Aunt sent me a surprise little card/note saying hello and included this gift of the cutest tiny measuring spoons! I love them! And I love her, obviously. Such a great thing to come home to after a long day. Just seeing her handwriting made me smile. She’s the kitchen gadget/tool queen- I aspire for my collection to rival hers some day.P1030822

Despite the weather- I want to make this weekend a good one. Friend visiting + dinner reservations at DGS + blood orange margs + downton abbey binge + oscar watching + ten miles for 1/2 marathon training + blueberry roasted salmon = the makings of wonderfulness.2014-02-25 14.01.43

The sidewalk knows what’s up.

Happy Friday!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

4 thoughts on “Real Life Friday: Spring to Winter

  1. Today is a high of 31 in DC…. so depressing. But tomorrow should be a little warmer. Those subs look amazing. What deli did you go to in DC?? I love finding a good deli.

  2. Holy post! You sure had a lot to say 🙂 never a bad thing tho! I’ve been thinking about moving to California in a few years but like you said, I just don’t know if I can live without the seasons! I’m a Midwest girl born and raised and I love the transitioning seasons. On the other hand it’d be nice to be outside all the time…I get cranky in the cold haha.

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