Brown Bagging It

2014-02-26 12.18.24Remember being in elementary school and that feeling of having something really really awesome packed in your lunch bag/box?

For me it was rarely the main part of the lunch. My sandwiches were usually nothing special. They tended to be something like turkey and mayo (perhaps with a slice of tomato or two if I was feeling fancy) or a standard peanut butter and jelly. Although, on rare occasions my mom would cook up bacon and have the stuff to make BLTs. On those days, my sandwich was the star. I flipping love a good BLT.

Days where I had a lunchable packed… oh man. Those mini nachos with the cheese dipping sauce? Yes. Cold mini pizzas? Give me them ALL. I was obsessed.

Also, my mom only let us get lunchables on days where we were going on a field trip- making them all that more desirable. C’mon, a field trip AND a lunchable?! Makings of an epic day right there.

But on your normal, average every day, the opportunity for greatness in my packed lunch came in through my snacks. Looking back, I never really ate anything healthy. Maybe a yogurt (which was probably packed with sugar anyway), a piece of fruit, or a fruit cup- but usually the focus was on the chips or cookies.

We had a snack cabinet in our kitchen growing up and I remember looking forward to the different things we’d buy each week. Some weeks were better than others- I definitely had my favorites as a child. If I saw CHEETOS up there? Best week ever. Oreos? Mmmmm. Those yogurts that came with sprinkle or candy mix-ins? WOOP. Swiss Cake Rolls? All about it. Speaking of Little Debbies… uhhhhh Zebra Cakes so goooood.

I also remember potato sticks being weirdly popular when I was in like 5th grade (I used to get so jealous when classmates had them) but we never really bought them- so if those were up there- HELL yes. Something fun like pizza flavored pringles? Score. Dunkaroos? Well, I’m going to be the envy of everyone in the cafeteria. Andy Capp’s hot fries? YUP. Ritz Bites? Fruit Roll-ups? Those Handi-Snacks– you know the little plastic containers of breadstick type things or crackers and the cheese spread with the red rectangle cheese spreader? Fruit by the foot? FRUIT GUSHERS?!

Well. I just relived my childhood in snacks.

ANYWAY. What I’m trying to explain here is, whenever one of the aforementioned things was in my lunch- I was beyond giddy. I would get so excited before lunch about my lunch that it was silly. Like I couldn’t wait to break into those delicious snacks. Holy crap. And then when it was lunch time- walking into the cafeteria knowing that you had the epitome of deliciousness- I just felt like a total boss. Nothing can ruin this day because I have a strawberry fruit roll up today for lunch- so haters, step aside.

In high school I didn’t bring my lunch like ever. I was one of those freaks who loved cafeteria food. I had the schedule for the month that said what they’d be serving taped to my fridge. Even though I didn’t bring my lunch in high school, my excitement over lunch and what was to come didn’t change. Mozzarella stick Fridays? Yeah buddy. Taco Tuesdays? Mhm. Chicken patty sandwiches and pizza and spaghetti- all of it. I loved it all.

Salad bar? Ew. What’s that…

Not much has changed since my school days.


Okay. So a lot has changed. BUT my love of and excitement over food certainly hasn’t. And I think I do a pretty good job at recreating that little kid dunkaroo fueled excitment with my more grown-up food.

And today, I want to share with you the latest sandwich that has got me over the moon. It’s been packed in my lunch for the past couple of days and let me tell you… when the clock strikes lunch hour… I get pretty pumped.P1030804

It’s a wrap- and its a combination of two different sandwich recipes that I saw and immediately fell for. I merged the two and made a SUPER WRAP.

Combine this recipe for an egg salad with sun dried tomato sauce with giada’s kale and mushroom wrap and you get… greatness.P1030802

I made the egg salad with greek yogurt instead of mayo and I left the cranberries out of giada’s recipe- but everything else I made pretty much exactly as the recipes state.P1030797P1030800P1030798P1030799

The aspect I was most excited about was the sun dried tomato sauce. I love sun dried tomatoes. I could eat a whole jar in a sitting. I never used to understand the purpose or place for them… but now I want them on all the things. Making a sauce out of them and spreading it on a sandwich- ehrmygahd.P1030796P1030801

In my super wrap- you get a mix of shiitake mushrooms + shallots + kale thrown on top of a basic egg salad and wrapped up in a whole-grain tortilla that is sealed with sundried tomato sauce and goat cheese.P1030803

Like I was saying, lunch has had me pretty excited this week.P1030805

Having this wrap + siggis in my lunch bag is the adult equivalent to me trotting off to school with a couple m+m cookies and a bag of funyuns.

I tend to be dramatic, but I’m not even exaggerating.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Brown Bagging It

  1. you just totally rocked my world with this throwback. I mean really. Can’t get enough. I mean I was a huge gushers girl but my mom wouldn’t buy them. My sister and I went through goldfish like it was our jobs (i mean obviously before I was diagnosed) I also was a cheese curls girl – obviously still love them. drool. nothing like fake cheese to get me going.

  2. hahahah this totally had me cracking up because it is SOOOO right on!! Gotta love the elementary school days where all you needed was a fruit roll up to make your day the best day ever! Oh how things have changed!

  3. I had a friend who always had THE best lunches.. her lunchbox was jam-packed with pretty much all of the goodies you mentioned, on a daily basis. So obviously the rest of us traded with her every day. Because trading lunches was the cool thing to do. I agree though – tastes have changed a bit since grade school. I work from home, so I don’t have to pack a lunch, but I would totally be looking forward to a wrap like that!

  4. I work in a school, and I have to tell you that lunchables are still so popular. Now they have hamburgers and hotdogs too. Kids seem to like them. I see those sticks and cheese dip daily and a kid had zebra cakes just last week. Giada’s wrap is a perfect lunch. You’ve come a long way since the school cafeteria.

  5. Can I ask you a dumb question? Did you make up one batch for 4 day of lunches? I wouldn’t have thought they’d be ok to eat that far out. If so, I’ll have to try!

    • Definitely! I didn’t make the wraps in advance- I left the components separate and then put together the sandwich the night before. It worked that way! If I had assembled the sandwiches that far in advance- they probably would have gotten sloppy. But it worked well keeping things separate!

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