Snowy Day Oatmeal

P1030779Over the snow? Finding yourself wanting to say oh but it’s so pretty! but at the same time wanting winter to be over… like weeks ago? Yeah. We’re on the same page.

Sit down with me and we can vent together.

We’re having whipped cream for breakfast.

Well not whipped cream in the traditional sense- coconut cream. Yes, that would be full fat coconut milk whipped with a little honey and vanilla.


When I saw this recipe for toasted oatmeal with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream I was sold instantly. Usually I see a recipe, modify it a little bit, make it work for what I want it be. Nope- not with this one. I wanted every single component exactly how it appeared and was described in this recipe.

Oatmeal? Down with it. Strawberry jam? YES. Strawberries are in my top three favorite fruits. Coconut whipped cream? You don’t have to twist my arm.

I was off of work yesterday and I also knew that I needed to rest my tired legs, so instead of running out the door for some miles bright and early, I made this breakfast instead.

When I don’t exercise, I fill the new found free time with cooking.

And with the snow falling like crazy out my window, it just seemed like the perfect breakfast for the day. I knew it would help me embrace the beauty of the snow and let me focus less on hating every single last flake falling from the sky. Using food as a way to cope with daily struggles- totally healthy and normal, right? Okay cool.

I didn’t have time to make the jam for the initial batch (because I knew it would take about thirty minutes and I woke up too ridiculously hungry to wait for that… must be all the running) so I just roasted some strawberries and bananas. STILL good.P1030780

I had never cooked oatmeal in this way before- toasting them in coconut oil prior to simmering them in water/milk/cinnamon. The texture kind of reminded me of baked oatmeal- a little crispy but still chewy and slightly soft.P1030777

I added some cottage cheese to the hot mess of oats and fruit for protein power. As soon as I dolloped the coconut cream into the mix- it got all melty and coated everything in the bowl. Heavenly. I added in some sliced almonds for good measure as well.P1030783

I ended up making the jam later in the day so that I would have it for the leftover portions of toasted oatmeal and coconut cream. I swear these strawberries must have been picked at their peak of ripeness because this jam was unbelievably good.P1030791P1030792P1030794

As you can see, I also made a cherry based jam yesterday. Not as good as the strawberry one… but it’s a good one as well.

I loved the fresh, first batch I made but I liked the leftovers even better. Maybe it was the amazing jam? Probably. I’m such a sucker for strawberries and the jam allowed the strawberry taste to be more evenly dispersed into the oatmeal. I also swapped out the sliced almonds for some sunflower seed butter- go with the nut butter. The creaminess works better than the crunchiness in this bowl. But hey- to each their own.P1030819P1030820

Instead of looking out the window in agony and imagining your distress in walking to work or the metro or wherever you need to be in boots, layers, the works- look into this bowl of oatmeal and imagine everything you ever wanted breakfast to be.

Plus, who doesn’t want an apartment that smells like homemade strawberry jam for days?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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