Pesto on Everything

P1030738Pesto used to be a weird thing to me. It was this green sauce that some people used on pizza or pasta instead of red sauce- which baffled me because I love tomatoes and couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t always choose red sauce. I called shenanigans on the green stuff.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I discovered that everything doesn’t need to be doused in red sauces and that pesto can be quite nice. I’ve branched out with sauce-less pizzas and have embraced pesto. I’ve embraced pesto so much, that I’ve even turned it from green to purple and made beet pesto {which is to die for, by the way}.P1030220

But with spring around the corner {hopefully! please? pretty please?!} I’ve been craving more and more of that fresh green taste {maybe you know what I’m talking about?} and have gone a little crazy with the pesto.P1030686

My brain says put pesto on everything.P1030688

Got a sandwich? Put some pesto on it. Have plain ol’ eggs? Put some pesto on it. Have some toast? Put some pesto on it. Have a salad and need dressing? Put some pesto on it. You see what I’m saying here. P1030726

And now I can’t stop thinking of the Portlandia sketch, Put a Bird On It:

When is that show coming back? Obsessed.

ANYWAY. Pesto.

My recent pesto madness was brought on thanks to this recipe for kale pesto. It sounded so good. Especially when slathered on this roasted eggplant sandwich.P1030714

I made the sandwich on english muffins and it was so clutch. Kale pesto + cheese + avocado + roasted eggplant = glorious. Served with some roasted red pepper and tomato soup on a cold, snowy DC night? Perfection!P1030715

But because the recipe made a whole mason jar full and I’m only one little lady- I knew I needed to get creative and use up the green goodness in other ways. Hence why the pesto was going on anything that was even mildly appropriate. Spread on a few pretzel crisps? Why not…

The absolute best way I utilized this pesto, however, was in this pesto potato skillet. Which was only born because I had a bunch of random leftovers and they just so happened to make up the ingredients for this recipe. Hashtag destiny. P1030735

Instead of making her pesto recipe, I just used the kale pesto I had made. And I added a half a bag of spinach.P1030739

Holy crap. Such a good throw together, unexpected lunch at home. Comforting, pretty, and so flipping delicious.P1030741P1030742P1030743

Pesto is a good spread because it contains lots of healthy fats (olive oil, walnuts or pine nuts) and greenery (basil, parsley sometimes, kale in this case) and garlic. Anddd the cheese is just necessary in life. When used mindfully, it’s an awesome healthy spread or add in for any of the dishes/meals I wrote about above.

Plus, it’s really bright and pretty.

Maybe not as pretty as red tomato sauce (forever biased, sorry I’m not sorry) but it’s close.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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