At Home Musts


Good morning- from me and this lovely glass of iced coffee. I’m aware that its freezing outside and hot coffee would be more appropriate, but I’m in complete denial. The sun is shining and its nice and warm in my apartment at the moment AND its going to be in the 50s later this week THUS Allison has no more time for winter weather. All set.

That being said, the roads around my apartment are still kind of a mess from the snow and sleet and ice shenanigans last week so this morning I took my scheduled run inside. I could have braved the conditions but me being so accident prone- I know better. Some of you are total troopers hitting the sidewalks/streets despite the rough terrain. But man, if I were to get out there, I just know I would fall straight on my face/butt/back/hands/etc. I’m trying to be smart about my training and I know full well that I can’t run a half marathon if I’m injured. SO I’m taking all precautions to keep myself safe.

Even if the treadmill is so boring and annoying.

The only way I can get through at home workouts in my creepy apartment gym is having good music on my iPod and having an interval style run planned out in front of me. The music is motivational and the interval style run game plan helps keep me focused and paying attention to my pace/stride/whatever by switching up the incline or speed every minute or two or three or four.

When I broke my iPod and got a new one, I lost a few of my running playlists {wahhhh}. I’ve slowly but surely been compiling songs to make some good playlists. Here are five songs that I’ve been needing on my indoor treadmill runs lately:

I Wonder Matt and Kim those beats though… the song is sort of on the slower side, but I find that it’s awesome for incline running and walking.

Wild Ones Flo Rida throwback to senior year of college but man, I’ve always loved this song. it throws off some awesome energy.

Do You Remember Jay Sean this is a little sneak peak into my top 40 obsession that fuels most of my running playlists. another oldie but goodie.

Safe and Sound Capital Cities I fell for this song in spin- my usual instructor really liked it and used it a lot. whenever I’m running and it comes on, I picture myself on a bike and for some reason it makes the running feel easier.

Drive By Train I don’t know why I love this one so much- but I do. It’s been on all of my running playlists.

What’s on your running playlists? TELL ME PLEASE. I’m always looking for new jams or to be reminded of awesome songs that I need on my own playlists. Help a sista out.

In terms of interval running game plans- I’m a big fan of the treadmill workouts that Julie doles out on her blog Peanut Butter Fingers. She lists them in groups based on how long of a workout you’re looking for (20-25 minutes, 30-35 minutes, 40-50 minutes) and then gives a description of what the run entails. Another great source of treadmill workouts is Tina at Carrots and Cake. If you search “treadmill” on her blog, you’ll get a ton of great posts featuring good runs. She has one post where she lists a whole bunch too.

I pull from these runs all the time based on what I’m trying to accomplish. What I do is write down the workout on a note card, a piece of paper, or I print it out- and then I bring it down to the gym/treadmill with me.P1030732

Instead of tossing the written out workout after I accomplish it, I keep them all so that if I ever want to do the run again, I can just grab it already written out. I keep all the workouts- running and non-running (circuits and at home bootcamp like workouts) pinned on a corkboard that we have in our apartment.P1030731

Also on said corkboard you’ll see lots of interesting things from my life: workouts held up by my Hard Rock Cafe DC pin, my Boston Hard Rock Cafe pin, a fake mustache from a yoga event, receipts from packages I sent, a gift tag from the scarf my friend Rachel got me from Israel, a new years necklace from my aunt and cousin, a portrait of Paul Revere that my sisters sent me- and commented on that they thought he looked like Jack Black, Will’s audit pin (obviously not mine… accounting humor), an inflatable beard that my sister Angie gave me for Christmas, stamps that Will and I got from the U.S. Postal Museum, a ticket from seeing Nick Offerman live, a Made in the U.S.A tag from my lodge cast iron skillet, and a postcard I bought in Moscow, to name a few.

ANYWAY in addition to always looking for new music- I’m always into finding new sources for good workouts. Where do you find workouts? I love making up my own, but sometimes its nice having someone do the work for you 😉

Stay warm and keep trucking along through this never ending winter, everybody.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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