Heart Beet Banana Bread

P1030696See what I did there in the title?

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! While most of my love today is reserved for Will (he’s my valentine after all) and my sister Rachel (whose birthday is today), I have to give you all a massive hug for reading this little blog. You add wonderful-ness to my life with the responses and feedback from every entry I post.

Today I have a fun recipe for you. It’s a recipe that didn’t turn out as planned- but it is still absolutely delicious nonetheless. Let’s rewind.

SO I wanted to make Will banana bread in part for Valentines Day because he LOVES it and I think food is the best present you can give someone {take note}.

I also purchased a new loaf pan (finally) from Target and needed to put it to good use. I bought heart shaped cookie cutters as well and had plans to cut the bread into little hearts when I served it to Will. Because I’m a dork.P1030698

I found this seemingly stellar recipe using coconut flour, almond flour, and items I already had in my kitchen and was all ready to go. And then I remembered the leftover steamed beets I had in my fridge. I then remembered that some people use beet puree for natural food coloring in things like red velvet cake. After a lot of google searching, I determined that adding 3/4 cup of beet puree to my banana bread mix might seem crazy… but that it might turn my bread pink (so fun for valentines!) and if anything, would just make the bread more moist. I know most of you hate that word. Get over it.

The batter was gorgeous. I literally followed that recipe I mentioned above but added 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips and ~3/4 cup of pureed, steamed beets.P1030699

It was all so pretty looking I couldn’t even stand it. Pictures don’t do it justice. Trust me.P1030700

I put the loaf into the oven and crossed my fingers.

Unfortunately, it turned brown and lost any sign of red or pink coloring. Womp. I read online that that might happen- if I’m remembering correctly- the batter needs to be acidic in some way in order to retain the color… or something like that. Science or whatever.P1030702

BUT. Color aside- the bread smelled SO GOOD. When Will got home from working in NYC on Wednesday night he said that our apartment smelled amazing- the best smell he had smelled all week. High compliments! Although, NYC smells pretty disgusting all the time… but I digress.P1030704P1030703

I served the bread for breakfast when we were both working at home from the snow yesterday and holy crap guys. I’m sure the original recipe deserves most of the credit for how good this bread is- but I also think the beets added a level of moisture that wouldn’t have come from anything else. It’s so flipping good! I said it twenty times while eating it yesterday morning. Like crazy good.P1030705P1030706

So. It doesn’t come out pretty red or pink. But it does come out amazing. The beet flavor isn’t even there- it’s masked mostly by the bananas, almond flour, and coconut flour. In addition to moisture- the beets make the bread all that much healthier!

Experiment with beets in your baking. I’ve heard they help make awesome brownies.

And be amazed at the beauty of the color of your batters while you work away in the kitchen. Seriously. I was in awe. Red is my favorite color- but I swear, anyone will be impressed. I showed the pictures to Will to prove the bread was once red.P1030701

Again, Happy Valentines Day! Have an amazing weekend, everybody. And one last shout out to my youngest sister who turns FIFTEEN TODAY (ack!)…


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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