Tha Numbahs

teatimeI wanted to share something something with my readers this morning- but for some reason I’m feeling a little scatterbrained. There’s a lot going on in my head, but I can’t think of a way to organize it all that makes sense. There’s no theme tying it all together to make my life easier. There’s no rhyme or reason.

Because I’m a freak and need everything to be in some type of order, I’m going to try and quantify my thoughts into numbers and give you a good snapshot of my life at the moment. Over a mug of tea. That I wish was coffee.

7: the number of men that were sent to Europe during the end of WWII to protect and find fine art and culturally significant items that Hitler was hell bent on collecting or destroying. Will took me to see The Monuments Men this weekend and I was so appreciative. I wanted to see this movie SO bad. The repatriation of lost/stolen art and the importance of material culture to society are two things I love learning about and a lot of my studies in college focused on the subjects. AND the movie featured some of my favorite actors- Clooney, Goodman, Damon. It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but I still enjoyed it. The unquenchable student was pleased.

10: the number of waffles I’ve eaten in the month of February. I’ve been on a HUGE waffle kick. I don’t know why. I’ve been eating them mostly for breakfast, but sometimes for dessert I’ll incorporate one. On Saturday night I topped one with PB, apricot jam, and banana… it was so good. This morning for breakfast I topped some with coconut oil mixed with sunflower seed butter- and then a mix of diced pineapple, banana, kiwi, and pomegranate arils.2014-02-10 08.17.58

28: the number of days in the program I’m currently leading at my Whole Foods store. I’m leading a series of classes, demos, and instructional workshops this month under the name “Healthy Habits for Life” and it encourages participants to focus on their food choices for the month of February. I really wanted to motivate customers to think more about what they’re eating, show them that eating better/right doesn’t have to be hard, and that it’s all about balance and the little choices we make everyday. It’s something I’m really proud of. I wrote all of the content for the program and one of our store artists (who is also almost as new as me) made it look beautiful. Participants get a binder and a pedometer and the help of me! It’s going really well so far!2014-02-01 10.03.572014-02-01 10.20.452014-02-01 10.21.002014-02-01 10.21.142014-02-01 10.21.362014-02-05 17.52.36

4: the number of miles I ran this morning.

1: the number of miles I ran this morning without music because my phone died.

10: the number of fingers I thought I was going to lose on my run this morning because they were just so damn cold. Still better than running inside on the treadmill though.

6: the number of batches of brussels sprouts tacos I demoed on the floor at work last monday. Seriously- this recipe for them + a caramelized shallot salsa is to die for. People were going crazy for these things. Side note: BUY smoked paprika and get ready to fall in love. How have I lived this long with just regular old paprika? Smoked is where it’s at!2014-02-03 17.07.03

3: the number of recipes I’ve made at home this month from the blog, How Sweet. I made her crockpot stuffed chicken breasts this weekend… yum. That is all.P1030679

87: the number of times I’ve told myself, hey- take life one day at a time. Not an exact figure of course- just a rough estimate.

2: the number of Russian events I signed myself up for in the past couple of weeks- nothing Olympic related but they make me feel more culturally relevant with the Olympics taking place in Sochi right now. Two weeks ago I saw a dance performance at the Embassy and this week I’m attending a movie screening there as well.2014-01-29 20.16.292014-01-29 20.02.50

5: the number of new coffee shops, restaurants, and dishes out I’ve tried in the past two weeks- Pound the Hill for an americano, TCB for an americano, Shop House rice bowl, Chopped Salad from my favorite restaurant- DGS, and Roti.2014-01-26 11.18.47

8: the number of different types of cheese I currently have in my fridge. 10 if you count cream cheese and cottage cheese. This is insane coming from the girl who used to claim that she wasn’t a cheese person. I was finally able to kill off one of the cheeses this weekend with these open faced smoked gouda egg sandwiches.2014-02-08 08.43.46

0: the number of bags of Pretzel Crisps that I’ve been able to finish since receiving seven bags of them in January. I currently have every single bag open and have been evenly eating out of all of them. Come on over if you want some pretzels!2014-01-23 08.58.43

15: the number of minutes I have to pull some things together before heading off to work.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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