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P1030635Making yummy and healthier desserts at home {and baking in particular} was something I wanted to work on in 2014. To hold myself to the whole baking thing, I told myself that I needed to bake once a month. Mainly because that didn’t seem overwhelming or like too much for me to handle.

I’m happy to report that I have exceeded my own expectations and have made THREE wonderful dessert creations as of late. Not counting the whole grain waffle I put in my toaster oven topped with peanut butter, sliced banana, and a few dark chocolate chips- but that late night dessert idea should count for something because it was DELICIOUS. Every bite was sinful- but it felt good knowing it was actually good for me.

Anyway. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with different types of flours and ingredients and flavor combos. Lucky for me- and Will- and my coworkers who I give most of my sweets away to- my fun in the kitchen has amounted to tasty things.

I always get all nervous before I give someone something I made- for fear that they’ll hate it and it will taste bad and they will hate me forever. Melodramatic, but you know what I’m saying here. I’m a perfectionist- I’m a people pleaser- I want them to like what I made.

The nerves are worth it because more often than not, there is a smile on the other side of my dessert exchange. And sweet words of appreciation. There is a great amount of satisfaction that comes with making someone’s day by some kind, simple surprise.

Not to mention, sharing the things I make and bake with others prevents me from eating every last bit of whatever it is I have created. He he.

I have TWO recipes to link you to.

The first recipe is for this healthy sticky chocolate fudge cake (gluten and dairy free) which I made in brownie form (I just cooked it longer than I would if I had made the cake). It photographed terribly but hey- what can you do.P1030594

It wasn’t made to be brownies, but it worked. They were super fudgy but not overly sweet. In terms of healthier brownie recipes I’ve tried though, they fall second place to these sweet potato brownies I made last fall. I’m on a mission to find the best healthified brownie recipe out there.P1030595

The second recipe is for those who aren’t inclined to the art of baking {cough cough me cough cough} but need some chocolate and something easy to make. THESE pomegranate clusters are for you.P1030675

But make them fast! Pomegranates are going to disappear soon as they fall out of season. I’ve been a pom aril hoarder lately trying to eat as many as possible before they go away till next fall/winter.P1030673

Two ingredients- dark chocolate and pomegranate arils- how could you go wrong?

I actually made these for my boss for her birthday today!P1030674

Unfortunately I can’t share the third thing I made recently because the recipe isn’t online, but from the Giada cookbook I own. But her recipe for cranberry lemon cookies- which uses brown rice flour- was refreshing, tart, and a great non-chocolate cookie. I used dried sour cherries instead of cranberries and was a fan.P1030636

I haven’t decided what to try out next so I’m open to recommendations if you have a recipe you love or want to see tackled.

Make. Bake. And share with the people you like a whole lot. It is February after all- spread the love. Those pomegranate clusters would make an especially good Valentines of Galentines Day gift- the pretty red of the pomegranates in chocolate? Yes.

My bff Rachel LOVES pomegranates… I’d be lying if I were to say that I didn’t think of her when I made this lil recipe. If only we were going to be in the same city for Galentines.

I also wish I could share all these things with all you readers! Maybe some virtual dessert dates are in order? Hm?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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