Pizza Sunday

P1030647For the past handful of Sundays, I’ve been making a homemade pizza. Will and I’s favorite food is pizza. I can’t get enough of it. And now that I have a pizza stone, I absolutely love making my own here in my apartment.P1030597

The one thing I don’t like about the pizza stone is the fact that it’s meant to look disgusting. You’re only supposed to like sort of clean it and leave it messy. It’s supposed to look gross. In fact, the more worn looking the better. For a neat freak like me- this is a struggle.P1030650

But it’s worth it.

Besides the fact that I’m just obsessed with pizza, it seemed like an appropriate dinner option these past several weekends because of all the football happening. Pizza is good game day food. I’ve made this spring vegetable pizza, this bufffalo chicken pizza, and this BLT, feta, and roasted corn pizza.P1030600

So for the big game yesterday, I knew I had to made a delicious pizza. After the Patriots loss to the Broncos (which happened during the height of my food poisoning, by the way) I could have cared less about the two teams playing in this year’s Superbowl. Well- that’s a lie. I was definitely rooting for the Seahawks. No respectable New England fan would EVER root for a Manning. Blech. Get outta here, Mannings. Allison doesn’t like you!

All that being said, this years game was definitely more about the food and the commercials. Anyone else disappointed by the commercials this year though? Sentimental ones definitely outweighed the funny ones- which isn’t a bad thing but I don’t know, I think I wanted to laugh more. I liked seeing Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone link up with Uncle Jesse. And I still can’t decide if the Bob Dylan Chrysler commercial was totally badass- or if it makes him a sell out. I guess Bob Dylan can do whatever he wants. The only car I ever owned was a Chrysler… I wonder if Bob Dylan played a part in making it…

ANYWAY. The pizza. I followed this recipe for a clams casino pizza but added a little bit of tomato sauce (Will and I like saucy pizzas). You might be thinking- ew gross- clams on a pizza. If you are thinking that- step down. It’s delicious. It’s an east coast thing. Deal with it. Meaning- just make the pizza and thank me later.P1030645

I was nervous to tell Will what kind of pizza I’d be making. Whenever I decide to cook something on the stranger side, I get anxious when he asks, what’s for dinner? He’s always open to whatever I’m cooking, but I still don’t like to freak him out. He assured me on Sunday that while although he would never ever ever make a clams pizza on his own and would think it was kind of strange- he wasn’t opposed to trying it because I’m making it and I make good food. P1030649

For the record- we both totally dug this pizza. It was the bomb. Whole wheat crust, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, bacon, clams, peppers, onions, plenty of oregano and garlic, hot sauce, and tomato sauce.P1030646

And it kind of reminded me of home. I love clams. I love seafood. Even on pizza.P1030648

The pizza made the Superbowl a success. And the fact that Peyton and Wes didn’t get rings. I almost felt bad for the Broncos because MAN that was a sad game for them. But then I remembered my boys back in Boston (i.e. Brady and Belichick) and immediately was comforted by the pain felt by the Manning family. I’M A MONSTER. I know. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Speaking of Boston sports… now that the football season is over- I can officially move on to BASEBALL. I really enjoy hockey and kind of sort of not really pay attention to basketball… but baseball… baseball is my JAM.

Truck Day is on Saturday (and yes, I follow the truck day!!!! twitter account) and Pitchers/Catchers report on the 15th (aka the best Valentines Day present ever).

Bring on the baseball. I miss my little World Series champs.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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