Half Fuel

P1030609P1030616One of the most important aspects of any training plan is how you’re fueling your body. You can’t run well if you’re not eating properly or giving your body the energy it needs to keep things moving along. Food is always a top priority in my life, but I know that it needs to be in the forefront even more so now.

When I was sick, food became not so important. I didn’t care if what I was eating looked good. I didn’t want to meal plan. I was winging it every day based on how I was feeling and what I was craving. I didn’t want to go through recipes. Food solely became fuel and nothing more. I was certainly eating to live and not living to eat. This behavior is the norm for so many people out there but for me, it was weird. I felt like I had lost some part of my identity or something. Because man, usually, I love food more than anything.P1030608

I’m happy to report that the foodie, creator, and chef in me has returned. On my day off on Tuesday I spent a good handful of hours pilfering through my recipe books and the magazines that had been building up on my coffee table. I made a massive list of things I want to make in the near future and I could not be more excited to start knocking them out.P1030612

Can we discuss how delicious this lamb, tomato, feta, onion, and pine nut pita pizza was? The topping mess that I made didn’t fit on the pita- hence why you see some on the side. Also observe the tupperware lurking in the background- wahoo leftovers!P1030611

My happiness hinges on me being able to participate in – indulge in- and have time for all of my passions. Cooking is one of them. Cooking is a BIG one. For the next six weeks of my training plan for my half marathon, I know that if I don’t balance eating for energy’s sake and half marathon fuel sake WITH eating for pleasure, cooking fun things, cooking things that please my soul, and giving myself time to play in the kitchen- that I will be a very unhappy lady.

Food is important to me always. Food from a training perspective is more important to me than the actual running part of it. The running comes naturally (or it’s a hell of a lot easier) if I’m eating right and if I feel good about what I’m putting into my body.

I refer back to a quote I posted here on my blog a couple weeks ago- first we eat- then we do everything else. True statement right there.

Not only do I have six weeks of runs and workouts to look forward to- but I have six weeks of kitchen experiments and hopefully amazing eats to look forward to as well. Both aspects of this training will power me through that finish line in March.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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