Get it Gurls

friendsDance based fitness isn’t my thing. I’ve tried zumba and other things like it wanting to like it because oh! it’s so carefree and you get to dance and let loose! No, no, it’s really not relaxing or freeing to me in anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m not the most comfortable in my own skin or I don’t think it’s a challenging enough workout or maybe it’s because I’m painfully aware of how awkward/bad at dancing I am… but I have kind of just settled on the fact that it’s not my thing. Barre is in the same category.

Not every form of fitness is for everyone. And it’s okay that I get more out of running, squatting, and thrusting heavy weights above my head. That’s just me and how I do.

Dancing in the shower and in my apartment while I’m cooking/cleaning- completely different story. Give me a Jay Sean pandora station, some sick Beyonce jams, Miley blasting, or Bruce rocking out- awesome, I’m there. I play a mean air guitar and I can sing off key for days (sorry neighbors). Dancing for fitness though? Nah man. I’m sorry.

BUT I tried something on Saturday for a friend’s birthday that I would have never tried if it weren’t for her and all of my other friends at the gym. A big group of us took a private pole fitness class together and it was hilariously awesome. Usually we all hit up bootcamp together on Saturdays… so this was DEFINITELY a change of pace. Trading in burpees for swings around a pole and pushups for reverse slow inchworms on the floor.

I don’t consider myself sexy by any means. And like I said, I’m not the most comfortable in my own skin. SO for me to do a class like this… kind of a big deal. I think it shows how comfortable I feel around my friends at the gym- that “safe” and private environment was probably the number one reason why I was able to get myself to do something like this. The champagne that we had may have helped a little bit too 😉

But really, none of us take ourselves too seriously and it was meant to just be a good time. And it was. I was worried I was going to be all self-conscious and weird about it… but it felt good! And like I said, the laughter was endless.

It definitely helped with my whole “embrace hot-ness” goal for 2014. I need to get it into my head that I’m a grown woman and it’s okay to embrace the fact that I’m pretty and athletic. My own self confidence, body image, and body awareness is something I really really have to work on. It takes a lot for me to feel good about me so stuff like this, while seemingly silly, is actually really good for me.

The instructor was also really great- props to her. She was able to make something that could be kind of awkward- really normal and not weird at all. She actually was relatively technical with everything and explained different moves/poses with a very athletic/fitness driven approach- and then just added in the sexy/stripper-esque aspect of the whole thing in a cute way.

If we weren’t there for a birthday celebration and were actually there to seriously workout- the routine would have been TOUGH. Man, you need a lot of strength and coordination to do this stuff. I always knew that, but once you actually do it… man oh man! It’s not easy! Some of us are seriously thinking about trading some of our other usual workout classes in for some more pole fitness classes.

SO. Now my gym friends and I have not only carried each other in various bootcamp classes (literally- upstairs, downstairs, across turf) climbed a mountain together (literally), but we’ve seen each other work a pole and choreographed a pole dancing routine together.

Let’s just say, I’m pretty thankful for this group of ladies. We may not see each other every single day, but the sense of community and female friendship that they bring into my life is out of control.They make me laugh, they make me not take things so seriously, and they push me to be more than I could ever be just on my own.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Get it Gurls

  1. You go girl! I read through every word of this post nodding my head and saying “yep, me too, not my thing.” But so much fun hearing about how you were able to make the class fun and try something new. Woot!

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