My Technological Baby

P1030548I’m not sure if I shared this with you guys or not, but right before Thanksgiving, I broke my iPod. I stupidly dropped it while running on the treadmill and it hit the machine/floor just right and killed the hard drive. I was in denial at first. I was all, the clicking noise will totally go away- it’s fine! It’ll work again, just give it some time to heal!

It wasn’t until I had Will look at it and he said, honey- I think it’s broken that it sunk in. His words hit me like a bag of bricks. I burst into tears. I don’t normally cry over material things- especially technology (I didn’t even cry when I dropped my phone down the elevator shaft) but my iPod means A LOT to me. It’s like my baby.

Not only was it a big investment for me and something I saved for and bought for myself, but it is like… my life source. I use it while walking (which you know I do a lot), running, and even tooling around my apartment. Music is so important to me and I loved that little device to pieces because it held all of my music- all of my favorite songs.

So for the past couple of months, I have been iPod-less. And so sad about it. I missed my tunes and my jams and my playlists. My poor little baby.

Last week, after the rush of the holidays, I took my little guy to the Apple store. I was just hoping and praying they could do something. I knew I couldn’t afford a new one but I was crossing my fingers that they could work some genius bar magic or something.

Guess what, everyone?! Because my main man was still in good condition, the hard drive was just busted, and it was still under warranty- they gave me a replacement one FOR FREE.

I freaked out. The Apple store guy laughed at me. I asked if I could hug him. He continued to laugh at me. He handed me the new version of my technological baby and I kissed it. Laughter continued. I had tears in my eyes- I praised the Apple Gods- I put my hands up into the sky and pointed up to Steve Jobs- I smiled. I basically acted like a one woman freak show. I think my reaction was totally normal so it’s fine.

My baby is back. My music is back. And I feel like a small part of me is back.

I already bought a solid case for him to protect him better from future injury.

And I packed him with some new music that I’ve been itching to have blasting in my ears. Little bit of Miley, but most importantly is Beyonce’s newest album. The beats from XO totally eliminate all of the commuter stress I feel on the metro. Well not totally, but they make the commute a hell of a lot better.

I also downloaded this GREAT song that was featured in American Hustle (GREAT movie by the way- can’t wait for the Oscars!) by ELO called 10538 Overture. Will and I both really dig it. They played it at the Golden Globes every time someone from the movie won something and walked to the stage. 

I also have re-fallen in love with podcasts and have been enjoying listening to The Balanced Bites, The Nerdist, and This American Life (I highly recommend all three). The Balanced Bites offers great eating and exercise advice. The Nerdist has kickass interviews and hilarious stories. And This American Life just makes me feel good about the world. I’m always taking podcast recommendations so if you got em- throw em my way!

The point of this ramble mess is- I don’t really need to much in life especially in terms of material possessions, but my technological baby means the world to me and I’m much happier when its safe in my hands.

Sometimes, good things happen to good people.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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