I got myself two Christmas presents this year.

  1. $15 leopard print sweater dress (yes, I am twenty-three years old).
  2. Giada De Laurentiis’s newest cookbook, Giada’s Feel Good Food.

She’s one of my Food Network loves- she’s in the realm of Bobby Flay swoon, Alex Guarnaschelli whatta boss, Alton Brown the man, Robert Irvine too much to handle in a good way, and Geoffrey Zakarian those glasses though.

I love Giada because she’s all about balance. She clearly is crazy Italian and if you’ve ever watched her shows, she makes plenty of pasta dishes and decadent desserts. But if you’ve ever seen her, you’ll notice that she is quite thin and healthy looking. The question of how does she do it I’m sure pops into everyone’s heads.

In fact in the opening line to this book she says “how do you stay so trim” is the number one question that people ask her. How annoying would THAT be?

I knew the answer to how she does it before I even got this book. She eats well, she is mindful of what she puts into her body, she stays relatively active, and she preaches moderation not deprivation.

You’ll get plenty more of this talk from her book in her words. Plus, all the recipes she shares are on the healthier side. She even shares her secrets behind how she does her hair, her nails, and what she keeps in her bag.

There are some things in her book that I’m not really on board with {juice cleanses, having broth as a meal, or wicked low calorie dishes} —

BUT there are a lot of things I am on board with. Her beliefs in anti-dieting, being a “real person,” eating less sweet stuff, having a plant-strong diet, baking fruit and putting ricotta on it (!!!), loving oatmeal, and the simplicity of egg dishes- fish dishes- and salads.

My favorite quote I think from the whole book is one that is featured on the back cover:

Above all, give your body a bit more attention; plan your meals a little better, and your body will reward you tenfold. I promise you will smile more and you will enjoy life more because you will feel better.

I couldn’t agree more.

She also describes so perfectly the place that I’m at today and how I got here:

I have adopted a balanced way of cooking, eating, and living that works for me and my family. This didn’t happen overnight, or by sitting down and scribbling a bunch of rules to follow, but rather over time, by tuning in to my body and what makes me run the smoothest and tuning out what doesn’t.

It’s easy to look at how other people are living and eating and to just try and do EXACTLY what they’re doing. But this just leads to unfair comparisons and judgement. I learned over time that it’s a great idea to use resources like bloggers and chefs and nutritionists as a guideline to base your own dietary explorations after- but at the end of the day, you need to cater the material from these resources to fit you and your lifestyle.

Your taste buds change as you start to eat better and your body will start to crave the good stuff you are consuming in due time. Your body always knows best and after a year or so of changing your diet to eat healthier, you’ll begin to see what you really need, what works, and what doesn’t. Your body is way smarter than you think.

Anyway- there are some great recipes in here that I can’t wait to try out like the roasted vegetables with chipotle cream over crispy pita, baked salmon with arugula salsa verde, and her lentil burgers with lemon-basil mayonnaise. YUM.

I like reading books from those who have an even-keeled mindset when it comes to food. People who are genuine foodies, but that also appreciate nutrition and wellness.

People who admit to carrying around packets of olive oil in their purse at all times (could she BE anymore Italian?)

What a lady. Check out her book!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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