2014 Expectations

Honey, I’m home! Well. I’m back home in DC from visiting home in Massachusetts. Man does the concept of home get confusing as you get older.

2013-12-28 11.04.49

and yes! now I have bangs! thanks to my lovely sister!

I flew back into DC on Saturday night, worked yesterday, and am slowly but surely falling back into my usual routine {as I type to you from my new favorite nook in Caribou Coffee post gym workout}.

2013-12-30 07.58.23

my new sneakers met the gym today for the first time.

Home was everything I needed it to be. I got to spend time with my favorite people (and pets), I laughed a lot, I ate a lot, and I got to truly relax. And as always, it was really hard to say goodbye to everyone and everything. You think I’d be used to the coming and going by now… but I don’t think it will ever be easy.2013-12-24 20.47.31Screenshot 2013-12-30 at 9.08.06 AMScreenshot 2013-12-30 at 9.08.23 AMreindeer2013-12-24 16.16.502013-12-25 07.53.502013-12-24 12.09.49meandgirlsmeandjessScreenshot 2013-12-30 at 9.08.46 AM2013-12-24 08.29.42

On a positive note, I feel refreshed back here in DC and truly ready for the new year to begin. I always feel like home re-calibrates me- I’m able to take a step back from the go go go of my regular life, re-prioritize, and recognize what is important to me and what is not. Going home has a grounding quality for me.

And with 2014 around the corner, this mindset that I’m in is sort of perfect. I think this was the first time in all of me writing this blog that I was genuinely excited to get back to DC after a trip to MA. I was just really pumped to see Will, to get back to a job that I love, and to get started on making 2014 a really really great year.

I have big ideas in my head and a lot of things I want in 2014. I don’t necessarily have massive crazy goals or a long list of resolutions, but I know what I want this year to be about and it makes me smile just thinking about it. 2013 was a success in so many ways and I want 2014 to be even bigger and better.

In 2012 my goal was to lose weight and be healthier.

In 2013 my goals were to maintain my weight loss and the level of fitness I had achieved, to find mental clarity, and to rediscover myself and my passions.

In 2014 I want to:

  • Not worry so much about maintaining my weight loss or fitness and just trust the lifelong habits I’ve formed and know that at the end of the day, I’m making healthy and smart choices to benefit my body and mind.
  • Embrace my hotness and be more comfortable in my own skin {okay, this sounds totally vain, but I’ve spent the past two year hating on myself, awkwardly brushing off compliments about my looks, and being so hard on every aspect of my body. SO this year, I want to get better at accepting compliments, loving the skin that I’m in, recognizing that I’m an attractive young lady, and being proud to be me}.
  • Settle in and excel at my new job.
  • Share my wealth of knowledge, my kindness, and my heart with others and try to continually make a difference in other people’s lives.

I have a bunch of mini goals like, run a half marathon, visit the west coast, see a baseball stadium I haven’t seen before, and read more (I’m hoping for a book every month or two months). BUT what you read above is the big picture scenario I’m looking at.

2013-12-29 17.13.42

these are the new healthy eating pins we have at work! Whole Foods has completely revamped their healthy eating program and I absolutely love all their new branding and materials.

2012 and 2013 were really about breaking bad habits and breaking out of mindsets that weren’t good for me in one way or another.

2014 is about polishing.

I’ve broken the habits and I’ve broken free of some of the scary mindsets that held me prisoner for quite some time- 2014 is about taking me, my passions, and the life I have created for myself and polishing it. Improving on the point I’ve gotten myself to, working out the kinks that remain, smoothing out the chinks in my armor, and making me shine even brighter and more beautifully.

I want to love me more and through that love and happiness, find the ability to share that warmth and goodness even further with others.

I just want to be me- a person who has come very far, excelled in many ways, and who should be proud of her accomplishments. A person with endless ambition and drive to do more and be more.

I don’t need to set a high bar for myself- I know I’ll always be hustling and striving to be the absolute best version of myself at all times.

Thus, 2014, is all about just being me and loving every second of it.

Cheers to the new year! I hope that you guys want to stay with me for this brand spanking new year. I promise to keep you updated on all the ways I stay healthy on a regular basis- and if you need a sounding board for getting/staying healthy- I’m your girl.

2013-12-29 17.10.12

or you know… you could come meet me at whole foods 😉

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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