Volumisaurus Rex

On Monday night, I went to Panera with my good friend Sara. We were both craving massive bowls of veggies and meat and rice and feta from Cava, but they had closed early for a staff Christmas party (much to our dismay) so we opted for Panera as our alternative.

When our food came out- we couldn’t help but be disappointed. It’s not that their food isn’t yummy or anything- Panera does a pretty good job at mixing flavors and whatnot- but it was just that… there wasn’t much of it. Quality was on point… but quantity- it was definitely lacking.

I wish I had taken a picture of her salad to illustrate my point more clearly but as we looked at our dinners, we had a conversation about how we are both volume eaters. Our eyes like to see a lot of food before us. We like our salads HUGE and we like to eat a lot. Not everyone is like this, but the two of us definitely need quantity on top of quality. It’s not even just because we’re both really active people- our minds and bodies just require a lot of food in order to feel satisfied and content and full.

I tend to get a angsty when someone presents a small plate of something to me and calls it a meal. Borderline offended. I know it’s not really reasonable but hey- it’s who I am.

I become a bit like an angry volumisaurus rex… RAWR.

You know that episode of Friends where Joey says, Joey doesn’t share food! I’m like that- but I’m saying Allison needs a lot of food! I also hate sharing food- but that’s a story for another day.

Sometimes it makes me feel bad about myself when I’m eating a ton of food when the person I’m with is eating a lot less and is totally fine with it. It makes me question, do I really need all this? Am I being excessive? Am I eating too much? Am I doing something wrong?

But usually I’m able to snap out of it and remember that everyone’s food needs are different. Mine just so happen to include that I need wicked full plates of good stuff.

Now all that being said- when I say I need a lot of food and I eat a lot of food- I don’t comprise the bulk of my meals with a ton of meat or cheese or fats or grains or other foods that you should be mindful of in regards to portions. The bulk of my meals is vegetables. In addition to loving veggies because they are good for me, I also love them because I can eat a LOT of them. They’re the one food group that I place no limitations on and just go buck wild with. If anything, I’m guilty of eating too many vegetables.

But hey, they allow me to eat a ton while maintaining my health and weight. So I’m okay with it.

To make up for our volume lacking dinners on Monday, I made myself one big ol’ salad on Tuesday night. And it was not only amazingly delicious- but it was large and in charge.

I followed this BBQ Salmon and Crispy Chickpea Salad recipe- it’s one that I’ve wanted to try for a while now.P1030445

I followed the original instructions except I added asparagus to my salads, omitted the sugar from the salmon seasoning mixture, and didn’t use mayo (but an extra tbl. of greek yogurt) in the ranch drizzle. I also ate my salad with a whole grain pita on the side instead of crunched tortilla chips in the salad.P1030437P1030436P1030440P1030438P1030439P1030443P1030444P1030442P1030447

And one portion for the next day {that looks much prettier and more put together}.P1030446

As I sat down to dinner, my friend Sara texted me a picture of her dinner and oh hey- whaddya know- it was a salad the size of her head with shrimp and guac and other delicious things. I had to laugh. And then immediately send her a picture of my own gigantic salad. We’re always totally on the same page when it comes to our food needs.

I’m a volumisaurus rex. I promise I won’t bite or attack- unless you don’t give me enough food. That’s when things get testy.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Volumisaurus Rex

  1. I’m the same way. I’m a huge volume eater. I’d rather eat a giant bag of carrots than a handful of crackers because honestly, who actually eats just a handful of crackers? The more food the better which is part of why I prefer eating at home- nobody judges my giant portions of food (which may look like a lot but in reality are pretty healthy) and I get more bang for my buck. I’m with you on loading up on veggies- I have a tendency to eat too many at times but I love them!

  2. Yum that salad looks sooo good!!! I am the same exact way! It took me a long time to get here, but now I totally am about portion size. I pretty much always add a big bowl of veggies to any meal I am eating! It definitely fills me up and keeps me full for longer. It’s hard though because most of the peeps in my family tend to eat smaller portions than I do so I do the whole “compare game” but I have come to realize that for me to feel full it takes a lot!

    PS I never got to congratulate you on your new job so I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!! That seriously sounds like the perfect job for you and I can already tell how passionate about it you are!!! Can’t wait to see more of how it goes in the future, I just know you are going to do some pretty great things…so Whole Foods should consider themselves very lucky 😉

    • We’re on the same page per usual! Big surprise haha.

      Although I feel like we haven’t chatted it up via blog comments in a while! I hope all is well with you! Thank you so much for the well wishes and kind words- it means a lot to me. Youda best 🙂

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