Dinner WOD

I’m an ambitious person. I’m a mission driven kind of lady. And most of the time- I’m a straight up goal crusher.

These qualities of mine apply to what I do in my professional life, fitness life, blog life, and personal life. They even apply to how I tackle dinner.

For those of you outside the exercise world, “WOD” stands for “Workout of the Day.” The term originates from crossfit but it’s use definitely has spread and is used In other forums. While WOD seems like just another silly acronym, its has a bigger meaning associated with it. It suggests challenge- it’s correlated with a mission- WODs are seen as a tough objective that the participant strives to complete to the best of their abilities.

I like to take out the serious connotation it holds and apply it to more low key situations at home to get things done I know I need to get done. Like making dinner.

My Dinner WOD: Prep dinner as fast as possible, get it in the oven, set timer to 40 minutes- and in those 40 minutes: unpack bags from work and the gym and repack them with new clothes for the next day, make overnight oats to take on the go, pack lunch, clean the kitchen from my dinner, breakfast, and lunch prep tornado, get pajamas on, take makeup off, take contacts out. READY GO!

I had Kath’s Chicken and Bean Bake planned- easy- healthy- good. I make it frequently for these reasons. And because you can make it different every time. I went nuts with fresh thyme and rosemary and then added in sundried tomatoes, olives, garlic, salt, and pepper.P1030405

I used cannelini beans. And green beans. And peas. Both veggies were frozen.P1030406

Mixture into baking pan…P1030407Topped with chicken thighs drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Into the 425 degree oven for forty minutes!P1030408Pomegranate and banana overnight oats- in an almost empty sunbutter jar. YUM.P1030412P1030414The beginnings of lunch prep {I swear this isn’t me advertising Whole Foods with that bag- I used that bag for my lunch before I even started working there}P1030415

Kitchen disaster cleanup time.P1030409P1030411

I always pick up my trash can and just use a paper towel to sweep pieces of food into the trash. It makes life easier. Then all I have to do is wipe down the counter with a damp paper towel.P1030410

Unpack // Repack

P1030419P1030420P1030421P1030422P1030418P1030423Get outta here makeup.P1030426See ya later contacts. Hello, four eyes!P1030427Brown rice in the microwave with three minutes to go on the kitchen timer.P1030430BEEP- dinner done!P1030429Dinner WOD completed with flying colors.P1030431

I even had three servings of leftovers. BOOM. Take THAT dinner WOD.

P1030432Anddd that’s how this girl gets it all done.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Dinner WOD

  1. Totally unrelated (although this productivity amazes me and I consider myself to be pretty productive) but I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP ANCHOR BAG! Where is that from. I NEED it.

  2. hahaha that is exactly how i am the moment i get home from work – if tex is ever around (he usually gets home later) he is in awe of the amount of things i accomplish in 20 minutes. that said, if i don’t get them done in those 20 minutes, you can bet they won’t get done so it’s completely necessary. glad to know i’m not alone 🙂

  3. I know this is going to tick you off but, have to put my mom sense in; there are so many natural, sanitizing cleaners available nowadays. Always after meal prep, and especially chicken, counters and prep areas, need to be cleaned with more than a damp cloth. Sorry, not sorry, just being safe.
    But on the brighter side of life, way to kick ass in the kitchen! Love you!

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