Sweet Heart

I used to be ashamed of my sweet tooth. It was something that made me feel guilty. It was something that made me feel anxious. It was something that stressed me out. When I started losing weight, it was something I tried to hold back. When I got a little too into maintaining my weight loss, it was something I restricted heavily.

It was something I said no to constantly which led me to occasionally binge and a vicious cycle of self-hate and shoving desserts in my face.

Through a lot of talking and work, I was able to reverse this mindset and get back to indulging my sweet tooth and not hating myself for it. I told you all about my experience with my R.D. and how she had me eat dessert every single day for the months I was seeing her. Tough life, right? It sounds silly, but it was serious and necessary and challenging for me.

I was able to recognize that it’s okay that I love sweet things. I love chocolate. I love desserts. I love decadent creations. I love food that sometimes just feels right for my soul- food that in certain moments, in my heart, I know that I need. Some might see this as comfort eating and a bad thing, I just see it as a part of who I am. For as much as people don’t want it to be, food is love and food is comfort.

I’ve come a long way since this time last year. And one thing that is different now- I am still eating some type of small dessert every single day. Sometimes it’s a warm apple with ricotta cheese, sometimes it’s banana with melted dark chocolate, and sometimes it’s a small glass of egg nog. Whatever it may be, I always end my day with a nightcap.

During this time of year when there are SO many desserts and sweet things everywhere, it can be easy to hold back from eating things for fear of the holiday weight gain. My philosophy is to enjoy in moderation and certainly don’t restrict yourself in a major way- especially if you’re doing a good job keeping up with your exercise routine.

It’s been harder during the month of December to tell myself that it’s still okay to be eating nightly dessert (when I’m surrounded by chatter of being worried about too much christmas eating indulgence). BUT I’m doing it.

And as always, I try to keep my desserts on the healthier side of things. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still fun, but I want my dessert to make me feel good and not overfull and hopped up on a high level of sugar.

You’ve seen many creations from me here on the blog from whipped frozen banana, to banutter squares to sweet potato brownies to peanut butter avocado cookies.

Here’s my latest healthier dessert creation.

It’s a play on my favorite type of dessert: cheesecake.


Mix 2 tbl. of whipped cream cheese + 1 tsp. of honey (I swear, it’s like cheesecake)P1030353

Top a graham cracker (I had honey graham crackers) with the spread.P1030355P1030356

Top each spreaded cracker with canned pumpkin, pumpkin butter, apple butter, mashed banana- whatever you’re feeling. I used cranberry sauce.P1030357

Mini cranberry cheesecakes. Delicious and in season.P1030363

If you have a sweet tooth like me, do me a favor, be kind to yourself and eat some dessert. Be mindful of your mental health. There’s room to fudge the nutrition stats and numbers (pun not intended) when it comes to eating for pure pleasure and satisfaction every once and a while. Your brain and heart will thank you.P1030362

Dear sweet tooth, You’re not so bad afterall. Love, me.

Also, before I go, my gym interviewed me and is currently featuring me as their “spotlight member” on their blog 🙂 Click here to check it out!

And here’s a sneak peak of the article…Balance

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Sweet Heart

  1. wait please tell me the above commenter is your bf? Adorable. Anyways, I am a sweet person too. I can’t avoid it. I am more of a fruity sweet person than a chocolate one (not a big fan of chocolate, I know shoot me) but this time of year I just totally let my sweet tooth enjoy it. Hey, it is only one month a year!

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