The past several days have been an explosion of Christmas for me. Between shopping and wrapping and chestnut roasting and snow and holiday movies and parties with friends and seasonal eats- Christmas definitely has come to town.2013-12-06 09.48.15

This is the entrance I walk through at work every day- I love smelling all the pine!2013-12-06 09.48.25

At work, we have a tasting event every Thursday night from 5-7 where the different departments have been showcasing something festive and pairing it with a wine or beer. I’ve been maning the produce department and am still just loving sharing recipes with people and having customers go crazy over something that I made.2013-12-05 17.18.302013-12-05 17.18.212013-12-05 15.48.302013-12-05 17.18.36

Also at work, the marketing team (which includes myself) have been helping with a local elementary school’s “winterfest,” which included a 5k, a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood, and a holiday bazaar/craft fest. In addition to donating lots of bananas, apples, and water to the 5k runners- we roasted and sold chestnuts!2013-12-06 10.06.492013-12-06 10.07.01

I realized I had never even seen a chestnut before… they kind of looked like rocks. And I had NO clue how to roast them or eat them or do anything with them. Luckily, Martha Stewart has got my back. We roasted them in our kitchen ovens and then heated them up in the caged roaster the day of.2013-12-06 16.34.33

Chestnuts roasted in an industrial sized kitchen oven at Whole Foods… that’s how the song goes, right?2013-12-06 10.07.142013-12-07 12.04.54

Outside of work, on Saturday night Will and I attended a festive holiday/birthday party for my friend Jessica. Jess is wicked cute and even made a hot chocolate bar for us to make fancy/decadent/toppings filled hot chocolate drinks. YUM.P1030302

And then my day off yesterday was pure winter bliss. For most of the day it was snowing and I was cuddled up in the apartment with Will. I managed to get out to spin but that was definitely the only active part of my day.P1030333P1030332P1030328P1030327

We watched Love, Actually and Jingle All the Way. Both so great.2013-12-08 18.32.48

We made a lot of weather appropriate food- the most important of which being egg nog baked oatmeal with caramelized bananas. I’m sorry but I refuse to have a bad day if my breakfast involves egg nog.P1030307P1030308P1030309Banana and eggnog heaven.


It’s one of those things that I simply love and that just embodies Christmas to me. Last year, when I was being super restrictive with myself, I didn’t let myself have egg nog. SO because I’m trying to reclaim what my disordered eating took from me last year, I bought egg nog and intend on finishing the bottle. Tis the season.P1030306

Going through post-thanksgiving cranberry sauce withdrawals, I also whipped up a jar of cranberry sauce to have on hand to add to oatmeal and yogurt during the week.P1030334

And then for dinner, I made something special for Will. In Chicago, they have these “italian beef sandwiches” which have baffled me for quite some time now because I just didn’t get what they were. It’s not a cheesesteak or roast beef- it’s just italian beef. Whatever THAT means. Will couldn’t believe I didn’t know what he was talking about when he introduced them to me a couple years ago and I don’t even think he knew it was a uniquely Chicagoland area thing.P1030346

Well honey, it is. And he says Bostonians are weird…P1030345

ANYHOO- I found a recipe for italian beef sandwiches– Whole Foods coincidentally had a sale on chuck roast- and the rest is history.P1030343

I went for the gold and made hot italian beef sandwiches {which really just comprise of shredded chuck roast that has been cooked for 8 hours in a slow cooker with onion powder, garlic powder, vinegar, banana peppers, pepperocini, crushed red pepper, and salt} on whole wheat rolls with a side of roasted brussels.P1030313P1030322P1030321P1030323P1030324P1030325P1030338P1030339P1030344

Our nightcap was sharing a frosted gingerbread cookie given to me by the elementary school kids that Whole Foods was volunteering with. Mmmm warm gingerbread.

And before I go and head off to work for the day, I want to check in with all of you who may be participating in 25 days of fitness with me! And to hold myself accountable and perhaps motivate those of you who are less inspired to move- I’m going to share what I’ve been doing in the world of exercise:

  • December 5: 60 minute vinyasa yoga class + 3.8 mile walk to work
  • December 6: 15 min. elliptical warmup + 45 min. bootcamp class
  • December 7: 5k run on the treadmill + strength set {20 situps, squats, lunges, plank jacks, jumping jacks, and bird dogs x5}
  • December 8: 60 minute spin class
  • December 9: THIS 45-min incline treadmill workout + strength set {20 crunches & 20 hip bridges x5 and a bunch of different plank exercises}

Be sure to get after it- especially in the midst of all the Christmas good times. Working out takes up an hour of your day and it’s definitely worthwhile. Not only will it make you feel better about yourself in general, but it will help to keep stress levels down during this typically stressful time of year.

Keep it wicked healthy

6 thoughts on “Festivities

  1. Oh my goodness that sandwich looks delicious! I absolutely loved the snow yesterday. It made staying inside so easy 🙂 The forecast is calling for more snow tomorrow! I’ve never had egg nog before, but that oatmeal looks amazing. Maybe I’ll buy a bottle…

  2. I’ve never heard of Italian beef sandwiches either. That was very sweet of you to make them for Will. Looks like he was enjoying it. Will we see a Wicked Healthy cookbook out soon? I would buy it for sure. I always have to look through your posts for a recipe.

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