Can we have a conversation about how good leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwiches are? Okay great. Because they’re delicious and I can’t say it enough. I know Ross from Friends is on the same page as I am {I’m crossing my fingers that a lot of you get that reference and instantly laugh thinking of him FREAKING out over his boss eating his leftover thanksgiving sandwich at work}.

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to their leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwich so I’m not even going to tell you how to make one. I know you know how.P1030208

Mine is: lightly buttered multigrain bread (from Lyon’s Bakery here in DC) topped with a slice of provolone cheese, turkey, and cranberry sauce– toasted in a pan on the stove. Simple yet one of the best sandwiches of all time.P1030212

I’ve also been enjoying leftovers over greens- roasted vegetables and turkey over spinach with a cranberry sauce dressing. Side of stuffing- because it’s one of the greatest foods of all time. Basically I’m just having thanksgiving dinner all over again… but over spinach, calling it a “thanksgiving salad,” and feeling better about life. It’s fine.2013-11-29 13.37.25

And even though the leftovers are delicious as is without any recreating or remastering- it’s fun to play and make new things out of original recipes. SO I present to you some other delectable thanksgiving leftover options…

For breakfast time- try out pan frying your stuffing and topping it with an over easy egg. All that yolk goodness seeping into crunchy but still slightly soft mushroom stuffing? Yes please.

Tonight Will and I are having turkey with some brown rice and roasted green beans with mushrooms and topped with a beet pesto I whipped up tonight (recipe to come- I promise). Still a very thanskgiving-y dinner, but different than what we had on thursday.P1030220

Tomorrow we have a roasted fall vegetable pizza on the menu. It sounds like a weird combination- putting roasted vegetables on pizza dough… but man, my girl Martha knows whats up. I’ve made this pizza before and it’s wicked good.

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your leftovers still, check out this really cool article by Brightest Young Things about how local DC Chefs use up theirs!

Hope you’re all recovering from your turkey comas and gearing up for the start of December. Christmas is so close- it’s insane.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. I did the stuffing with an egg over it too 🙂 Was going to post it tomorrow. Twins! Soooo delicious. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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