Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 was low key, not stressful in the slightest, and overall- very very relaxing. I got to spend a day dedicated to food with Will and even got in a 5k. Food, love, and running- the makings of a great day.2013-11-28 09.49.12

Will and I rolled out of bed relatively early for some quick breakfast before the turkey trot downtown. The weather was COLD but we were sure to bundle up. Other people did us one better and dressed up in full out turkey costumes. I was jealous- but only because they looked so warm! Well yeah, they also looked pretty boss.

And while the route was pretty standard for your usual DC 5k (starting from Freedom Plaza and headed toward the Capitol), it always does make me feel pretty lucky/special when I’m casually running a race in our nation’s capital and running toward one of the most iconic/gorgeous buildings in the country.2013-11-28 09.48.10

The 5k was a success! Not only did Will survive his first ever 5k- he totally kicked butt… and he even beat me (that little rascal… I point to his longer legs and stride).2013-11-28 09.48.18

But even I technically hit a PR for my 5k! The only measured 5k I have was my first ever one in October 2012 and that was done in 28:52. With this race, my time was 27:19. Woop! I’m glad I’ve gotten slightly faster.2013-11-28 09.48.34

After the race, I was just all about getting some hot coffee, getting the Macy’s Parade on, and stretching. Thanksgiving morning without Matt Lauer is just unheard of for me.

Will and I tag teamed a delicious brunch and watched the Parade and the Dog Show (another Thanksgiving tradition for me). He took on the eggs and bacon (yum) and I made these amazing sweet potato cinnamon citrus home fries with toasted pecans. Make these. Do it. So good.P1030178P1030180P1030181

The rest of the day, the two of us just lounged around, made calls to our families, worked on our Thanksgiving dinner, and watched Bond movies (a Thanksgiving tradition for Will and his family- there’s a marathon on the SyFy channel every year). P1030189P1030187P1030176P1030185P1030186P1030184

And then of course came our feast. There was lots of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and roasted vegetables {brussels, butternut squash, red potatoes, red onions, and carrots}. Accompanied by some hilarious Bill Clinton sax music. Don’t even ask.P1030193P1030196P1030195P1030198P1030192P1030191P1030197P1030202P1030205

We ended the evening with a walk around a very quiet and still DC (there are definitely a lot of people out of town… or just in turkey comas and staying indoors), apple pie, and Friends reruns. The two of us were in bed early and just like that- Thanksgiving 2013 had come and gone.P1030200P1030204

And now, the focus turns to Christmas and I couldn’t be more psyched. I can’t wait to decorate the apartment this weekend and continue squirreling away gifts for everyone.

I most certainly am NAHT participating in Black Friday shenanigans. It’s just too much. I get it- steals and deals wahoo! But I don’t know. I’d rather take my time, find those perfect little things for the people I love, and shop small/local. DC is filled with such great local vendors- it’s a shame not to hit them up before turning to the big guys. Power to anyone out there battling the crowds. I went out one year with my sister and it was just… a mess.

Even though I’m all about Christmas, I still pretty all about Thanksgiving leftovers and the endless combinations I can come up with to use them all. AND on that note, it’s time for a big ol’ turkey and veggie salad.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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