All the Fronts

Time flies when you’re… extremely busy. That’s the expression, right? Not that I’m not having fun over here- for the better half of most of my days I’m having fun for sure. But my days lately have been booked solid- minute by minute. Running from shenanigans to shenanigans. And while I know I can handle it, I’d be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t a little bit tired.

This morning I wasn’t in the best mood- I was feeling pretty bogged down. But then I called my mom on the way back home from the gym and she made me realize how silly all my worries are. She successfully made me feel a whole lot more relaxed and calm about getting ready for thanksgiving and balancing all the other life craziness {which is no easy task!}

All the important stuff will get done and I need to stop sweating the small stuff.

Anyway- I apologize for being off my blogging game. I haven’t had much time to spare and, well, when things get hectic, one of the first things I cut out of my schedule is computer/online/blogging time.

But I’m here now! So let’s catch up on all the fronts of my life, shall we? I think about my blog everyday and it’s so frustrating when I don’t have time to write write write.

Work Front

Work has been insane! Working in a grocery store at Thanksgiving time is just out of control- lemme tell you. There are turkeys and pies all over the place.2013-11-21 12.44.342013-11-21 08.27.18

While Healthy Eating Specialist duties have been sort of pushed to the side to lend a hand with the Thanksgiving madness- there is a fun new addition to the store I work at… GUYS my face is on the wall!2013-11-26 15.11.00

Home Front

One of the big reasons why I’ve been so preoccupied and not blogging these days is that WILL IS HERE THIS WEEK and isn’t traveling for work because of the holiday! Thus, I’ve been trying to enjoy the rare and precious time I have with him while I got him. It’s been really really nice having someone around to help me do Thanksgiving things and tag team apartment chores. And to you know, be my boyfriend live in person during the week.

And um- well- the apartment has definitely been cleaner. Between groceries for thursday and regular cooking stuff… the kitchen is a little crazy.P1030162P1030161

We’ve been adding to our Thanksgiving food collection every day- slowly acquiring everything we need to cook our dinner. It’s exciting but at the same time- I’m a neat freak so it’s a little unnerving having so much stuff in our tiny kitchen.P1030163

But I’m not going to complain about food. I love food. And I’m grateful that I have the money to buy all this delicious stuff.P1030167

Also… I bought whole wheat pizza crusts for some easy pre-thanksgiving dinners and had NO place for them. So I hung them on a spare nail on the kitchen wall. Normal? Maybe not. Space saver? You betcha. And it makes me laugh every time I walk in the kitchen.P1030165

ALSO sitting in my apartment is a brand new shirt sent to me from one of my best friends from home, Kelly. She was so kind and bought me this wicked awesome Red Sox shirt: P1030166

It’s so obnoxious in the best way possible. I’m obsessed. She’s the best 🙂

Cooking Front

Kath’s Chicken and Bean Bake and Tina’s Spaghetti Squash Bake {plus mushrooms} have made dinners and leftovers for lunch wicked easy. Exactly what I needed. I’ve made them both before and chose them for this week’s menu because they’re yummy and simple.

Thanksgiving Front

Will and I are keeping things pretty simple and pretty similar to last year. He’s in charge of the turkey and the stuffing. I’m in charge of the veggies and cranberry sauce. I’m doing a roasted vegetable mix medley {using this Martha recipe + brussels} and a simple, low-sugar cranberry sauce recipe. Whisked! is making our Apple Pie mmmmm. Last year we got one from Dangerously Delicious Pies- which was great! But we wanted to switch things up and try a new place.P1030164

Will was also kind enough to pick up our turkey trot 5k race bibs tonight after work! Wahoo! I’m pumped they gave us long sleeve tees- this girl needs all the warm clothes she can get her hands on.P1030168

Post 5k and pre-dinner, we’re planning on having a little brunch with eggs, bacon, and THESE cinnamon citrus spiced sweet potato home fries. I can’t wait for them!

Before I go… I have a confession to make… I’ve been listening to Christmas music {before Thanksgiving, eek!} Usually I really stick to my guns and don’t allow Christmas music until Thanksgiving has passed. But I can’t help it! It puts me in such a good mood and I’ve really been feeling the holiday season these days. So I’m just going with it. I’m not pushing through Thanksgiving or anything- trust me- I can’t wait for Thursday- but I also just really really really like Christmas. And it’s less than a month away soooo…2013-11-25 08.36.01Okay. I have a date with Will and these bad boys {aka the only thing I want on a cold, rainy night like tonight}. Time to sign off- I promise I’ll return soon.P1030170

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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