My Favorite Color

My favorite color? Is that even a serious question? Red. Hands down. Yeah yeah I know- you might be thinking how original, a Red Sox fan who loves the color red. While that crazy team may play a role in my favorite color selection, it’s still just my number one shade! I swear I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth {always}.

It’s bright, it’s strong, it’s powerful- a good red is straight up gorgeous. It’s bold, it’s symbolic of so many intense emotions (and I’m an emotional lady), and please let me be girly for a second here- I think it’s so pretty and classic. It compliments my dark hair and eyes too he he. Red’s the best, man.

I like to color coordinate my food and channel what I find pleasing into what I’m cooking up SO besides the copious amounts of apples and cranberries I’ve been consuming per usual, I purchased two red items for the first time this weekend and experimented.

The first new grocery item was: a pomegranate. I’ve been lazy and just bought the arils before… but I had yet to attempt to buy a whole fruit and get the arils out myself. It was way easier (and cheaper!) than I thought it would be. It took all of ten minutes to get all the delicious seeds out. I didn’t use this method exactly- but the Washingtonian recently published a fun video about how to get out those little arils. Check it out if you’re curious!P1030100Pomegranates are weird… beautiful… but weird. I feel like they’re an under appreciated seasonal fall beauty. And they’re not around for much longer! Get em while they’re HAHT!P1030109P1030110P1030111P1030112P1030113P1030114P1030115P1030116P1030117Add these bad boys to salad, yogurt bowls, oatmeal…P1030118

The second new item I purchased was: radishes! I’ve eaten plenty a radish but I had never bought them and cooked with them before. This week I changed THAT. I thought they would be hard to cut- literally. Like I thought I would need to use force to cut them. Nope. They’re really soft. And wicked easy to slice up. Who knew? Not this guy.P1030098P1030106

Don’t they look like candy?! I think so!P1030105P1030107P1030108

So how did I use my pomegranate arils and my sliced radishes you ask? Even if you weren’t wondering- I’m telling you anyway…

The pomegranate arils topped a roasted harvest veggie bowl with coconut rice and curried avocado. And yes, that elaborate creation is in fact a real thing.P1030124P1030126

Even if you don’t want to make the whole dish- I highly recommend making the curried avocado. It was like Indian style guacamole. curry powder + honey + thai red chili paste + ginger + jalapeno + cilantro… so ridiculously good. I want to make it again just to eat with pita chips or something fun {or just straight out of the bowl with a spoon}.P1030122P1030123

But if you do make the whole dish… well… you’re welcome. It’s TOTAL comfort food in a bowl. It required a lot of effort to make, but I made enough for four servings so it was worth it. I just wanted to cradle the bowl of food in my arms and snuggle with it on my couch. Too far? Okay. I’m done now.P1030120

Moving on to the radishes {for your sake and mine}… I used those to make a side dish recipe called, radish and feta snap peas to compliment some oven roasted chicken thighs and whole wheat rolls.P1030156

I had been on a fall veggie, squash, lentil, chickpea sort of kick- but I would be lying if I were to say I wasn’t CRAVING some good old Mediterranean style summery deliciousness. A cuisine style that I give two huge thumbs up to.P1030150P1030151P1030152

The thing that took the longest with this recipe was just boiling the water. Otherwise- so quick. Blanch those snap peas, combine them with radishes, and coat them in a sauce made of minced shallots, lemon juice, lemon zest, dijon, olive oil, feta, salt, and pepper {I omitted the sugar and I didn’t have any fresh mint to use feel like shelling out extra cash for fresh mint}. The leftovers were even better today because they were able to soak in the “marinade” overnight.

One of the ways to have healthy happy holidays is to keep eating all the delicious produce out there. Whether you’re putting veggies at the center of your plate, making them the star of a meal, or using lovely fruit to accent an already healthy dish- get in your fruits and veggies my readers!

It’s a lot easier to get in your daily servings when you choose veggies and fruits that are easy on the eyes 🙂 Aesthetically pleasing food is just better. In my humble little opinion.

And with the holidays here- how could you say no to these stunning reds?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

  1. Red is ABSOLUTELY the best color. It wins at life.

    I’ve always taken the easy way out and bought pomegranate arils pre-pacakged. After reading this, DIY doesn’t look as intimidating as I thought. I’d be willing to give it a go.

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