Get Used To It

Things I’m getting used to:

Going to work with a relatively light backpack and leaving with a really heavy one. This is what happens when Allison works at a grocery store.P1030081

Especially when there is a pop up sale on honeycrisp apples.P10300902013-11-14 11.35.22

The fact that the Red Sox are reigning World Series Champions. You’d think this one would have fully settled in- yet it still causes that shock and awe reaction whenever I am reminded that we actually won the World Series this year. It’s just still a little mindblowing to be honest.P1030093P1030092

Having a work schedule that changes every week.

Adjusting and playing around with my workout schedule. With my old full time job, I worked 7-5 Monday through Thursday. No changes, no surprises. Thus, I pretty much could plan my workout routine for the week full out. Now, sometimes I work 8-4, sometimes 9-5, sometimes 10-6, (you get the picture) and I have to be able to figure out my workout plan around the ever changing times. With the fluctuating weather and the fact that it’s now dark out at 5:30pm… I’m still experimenting with how best to fit in a good balance of the workouts I love.

The fact that it’s dark out at 5:30pm. I know I mentioned this above, but man, it’s still weird to me after the long summer days of sunlight. It’s so easy for me to want to ditch plans in the evening because it’s dark and cold. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not as late as it feels and to man up!

And before moving onto the next item on this little list, I just want to say, still participating in evening activities despite the change in season allowed me to attend a yoga event over at Roam Fitness (who I’ve done many an Out Run with) to benefit the Movember cause (men growing mustaches and also encouraging each other to move/exercise more in support of prostate and testicular cancer awareness). It was great 🙂 I was happy to be involved. Check us out with our fake mustaches:MOVEmber

SPECIAL WICKED HEALTHY WASHINGTONIAN READER DEAL: for the next thirty days, if you contact Chris Wascak at about class packages or personal training at Roam Fitness and mention my blog, you’ll get 10% off! Do itttttt. Roam Fitness is awesome!

The fact that Thanksgiving is TWO weeks away. That’s just weird. I feel like I’m behind on turkey day planning but there really isn’t much to think out ahead of time besides buying the food. I have to keep in mind that it’s just Will and I.P1030094

The fact that people are already TOTALLY embracing the holiday season- through Thanksgiving and all the way to Christmas. I don’t listen to Christmas music till after Thanksgiving, but I’m not opposed to loving on the holiday season spirit earlier than that. It’s such a fun time of year and people tend to be happier.P1030091

People trying my recipes and giving me direct feedback. For so long- I just cooked for me. And now, at work, I’m cooking, demoing, and sampling my food! It’s crazy! I still don’t know how to handle all the compliments I’ve been getting from satisfied customers besides smiling like a huge dork.2013-11-14 15.14.282013-11-14 17.16.182013-11-14 17.16.10

People trusting my cooking and nutritional judgement. Along the same lines as the above point, it still blows my mind that people are coming to me for food advice! I absolutely love it and it’s all in the job description and I know I’m qualified- but still- it flabbergasts me a little bit. I love it. How many times can I say “I love it” in one post? Challenge accepted.

No more business casual. This one I think I’m fully used to already. I LOVE no longer having to get “dressed up” to go to work and to just wear jeans and t-shirts and sweaters and well, whatever I want so long as I look nice. I do need to re-organize my closet though. I think it’s time to move the pencil skirt, black dress pants, and dresses closer to the back.wholefoodsnewshirt

But how cute is this new work shirt of mine?! Love it!

New friends and new work buddies. I kinda forgot about the fact that I would make all new work friends when transitioning to a new job. I’ve been loving meeting so many nice people and building new relationships with the faces I now see every day. That’s not to say that I don’t miss my friends from my old job- it’s totally weird not seeing them anymore.

Having to bundle up on long walks again. Even though the weather has been going back and forth between being warm and cold- we have had some chilly days. Without thinking, I’ve walked out of my apartment without a scarf or gloves or a hat- ROOKIE moves BOSTONIAN. Better safe than sorry- I need to remember to bring a pair of gloves with me if I know it’s going to be a little cold.P1030077P1030075P1030062P1030060P1030063P1030072P1030079

Rearranging how I eat. Some nights, I’m not getting home till the 7:30-8:30 range from work… which unless I’m heating up leftovers- it’s a little late to be cooking up a full dinner and eating it if I still want to go to bed early. I’ve been experimenting with eating half of my dinner at work as a bigger than usual snack, and then eating the other half (something like a salad with some light protein) when I get home late. It’s been working out so far- we’ll see. I’ve only been at this for two weeks now 😉

Balancing snacking/tasting at work with my own planned out snacks. Now that I work at a grocery store- food really is at the forefront of everything. You gotta sample what you’re making or what your coworkers are dishing out and we have occasional vendors who come in to let us try their products. I’ve been learning to let go of whatever snacks or eating plan I had laid out in my head, and eating what is offered to me. I’m learning to be more flexible with food again while still sticking to my healthy guns.

Not necessarily always shopping at Trader Joes. Trader Joes will always have a special place in my heart, but me going there every single Friday (which I used to do) just can’t really happen anymore. It’s been a lot easier for me to just pick things up here and there as I’m leaving work instead of making one big weekly haul on my days off.

Being in love with my job. You’re all probably sick of hearing this by now, but I’m sorry- I’m still getting used to the fact that I absolutely love my job and wake up pumped to go there every day.wineshirt

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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