It’s Okay

Dear Allison,

It’s okay to sit down and take a breather.
It’s okay to not be constantly doing something.
It’s okay to enjoy watching your favorite TV show while sitting on the couch.
It’s okay to take a twenty minute shower if that’s what you feel like doing.
It’s okay to enjoy taking at least a solid half hour to enjoy breakfast time sans technology.

It’s okay not to respond immediately.

It’s okay to lick the spoon after stirring your overnight oats together for the next day.
It’s okay that you love chocolate and all forms of dessert.
It’s okay if you don’t eat a heaping pile of vegetables at every single meal.
It’s okay to not want to cook.
It’s okay to eat out.

It’s okay to run a little slower when your legs feel clunky.
It’s okay to fall out of your bird of paradise pose.
It’s okay to not stretch every single night.

It’s okay that the state of your bank account is a sad state of affairs.
It’s okay to still spend money every once and a while on things you want. Especially coffee.

It’s okay to doubt yourself- but just know that you shouldn’t do that so much.
It’s okay to admit that you don’t know everything.
it’s okay that you don’t have the answer for everything.
It’s okay that you don’t have it all figured out.
It’s okay to be afraid.
It’s okay to reach out.
It’s okay not to have a plan.

It’s okay that you can’t be all things to all people. In fact, as your best friend pointed out to you on the phone Tuesday night, it’s impossible.

It’s okay to not always say yes.
It’s okay to say no.

It’s okay to put yourself first.
It’s okay not to be perfect.
It’s okay to share your opinion and your voice.

It’s okay to let go and embrace happiness.
It’s okay to feel satisfied and fulfilled- and not immediately assume something must be wrong.

It’s okay to sing along to Miley Cyrus songs in your apartment.
It’s okay that you can’t sing for crap.

It’s okay to be ridiculously proud of where you’re from and where you’ve been.

It’s okay and you’re doing your best. And you’re enjoying the ride.



2013-11-10 15.45.11

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


9 thoughts on “It’s Okay

  1. Thank you for this!! I’m SO SO glad that you are taking the time to realize all of this! Take time for yourself, stop being so hard on yourself. This is advice that I need to take as well. We all need a little reminder every once in a while 😉 Love you

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