Indian Chinese Inspired Fried Cauliflower

Ever since I demoed a sauteed cauliflower recipe last Friday at work (with apples, shallots, and toasted pecans YUM), I’ve had cauliflower on the brain. When people were trying the dish I made in the store, a good amount of them were just surprised that they liked cauliflower. A couple people even told me that they thought they didn’t like cauliflower… and now they were going to go buy some {success}.P1030033

It is for that reason and all its sweet health benefits that I say- everyone should eat more cauliflower. It really is such a versatile and yummy vegetable.

Now, 75% of the time I just roast cauliflower with some e.v.o.o., salt, pepper- maybe some garlic or paprika. Or I get Mediterranean with it and whip up this Italian Roasted Cauliflower Salad {aka one of my favorite simple recipes of all time}.

But 25% of the time, I like to get adventurous and do fun things with cauliflower. I’ve made rice, cheesy bread sticks, and pizza crust… all outta cauliflower. Like I said, it’s versatile!cauliflowercrust

When I was perusing my “must make by the end of 2013” pinterest board, I was reminded of a recipe I’ve been meaning to try….

And now I can say, this recipe for Pan Fried Cauliflower with Yogurt and Soy Sauce is delicious.P1030048

I wasn’t in the mood to cook Monday night- mainly because I was tired. So I almost scrapped my idea to try this recipe, just roast the cauliflower, and call it a day. Man am I glad I didn’t cave.P1030039P1030040P1030041P1030042P1030043P1030044P1030047P1030049

It was the perfect accompaniment to some simple salmon and brown jasmine rice.P1030050I only used two green chili peppers, but other than that- I followed the recipe spot on. While I could have cooked this in a regular pan, I needed my big one for my salmon so I opted to use our wok. Which always makes me feel a little fancier than usual. Even if the recipe calls for cooking the cauliflower covered… and the wok has no lid… and I have to finagle something with a baking sheet… it’s fine. I’m such a professional.


Anyway. All I have to say is- the extra effort was worth it. P1030051

Eating well takes more time, yes. But again, if you have the time, the extra effort is worth it.

On another note… my hands are RIDICULOUSLY dry from this colder weather and the amount of times I wash my hands a day. Lotion just isn’t cutting it anymore and I can’t go walking around with vaseline on my hands at all times. Any recommendations on how to keep my hands from being wicked raw? Thanks in advance to any/all advice givers 🙂

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Indian Chinese Inspired Fried Cauliflower

  1. best thing for raw hands (mine get TERRIBLE in this weather): gold bond healing concentrated therapy cream. it’s kinda heavy duty and thick, but you only need to use a little and pretty much once a day and you should notice a difference !

  2. I like Vaseline lotion! I also use this fancy Hawaiian moon aloe stuff that works well. I bought it at an expo and have no clue why I would do such a thing. I am about as cheap as they come so $40 for lotion is nuts for me.

  3. How do you find these delicious, nutritious eats?? You’re quite the cook little lady! Try Herbal care petroleum jelly with almond oil. Rub generous amount into your hands and put on those paraffin gloves at night.

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