Home Life vs. Work Life

Home life and work life for me used to be two completely different things. They had nothing to do with each other. My interests and passions really weren’t present at my old job and I found myself daydreaming a lot about the stuff that did interest me.

Now, my home life and my work life overlap A LOT. I love cooking, pouring over recipes upon recipes, and crafting- in my own spare time. But all of those things (lucky for me!) are a part of my full-time job now! I find myself doing double takes at work trying to make sure I’m actually doing a job and not just doing what I love. Surprise! I’m doing both! I’m getting paid to do what I love. Score.

For example, today, I did my first ever cooking demo (!!!) in the store so I got to choose a recipe, prep everything, cook in front of customers, serve them, and interact with them and talk about food and the recipe. Yeah, it was awesome!2013-11-08 12.10.50

One thing I have noticed, however, is the blurring between home life and work life that could potentially get overwhelming. Even if you are working doing what you love, you need to keep some semblance of a distance between working hours and regular living hours for your own mental health. I certainly don’t want to get burnt out and have passions turn into things that stress me out. I know I’ll find the balance in due time. I think talking about said differences here on my blog will help.

Home Life

  • Every night I’ve been listening to Miley Cyrus’s CD Bangerz… guys- it’s so good. I don’t even have any shame about this. I wish all her crazy antics didn’t distract people from taking a listen to her CD. I love it. If you’re judging me, does it erase the wrongdoing if I spend the rest of the day listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours on repeat? Because man, I keep expecting that album to get old and it just doesn’t.
  • Also every night, I’ve been enjoying one of the homemade almond joys I made (you only need shredded coconut, coconut oil, honey, dark chocolate, and almonds!) I love chocolate + coconut.P1020968P1020972P1020976P1020975P1020980P1020981
  • THIS spicy chickpea stew has been KILLIN’ it for dinners this week. I serve it over brown jasmine rice and man- it’s good. I didn’t even use Harissa and just added some cayenne. I also added broccoli and snap peas. Mmmm.P1020988
  • I bought these sweet potato pancakes and cannot wait to try them. They seem legit- not too processed.P1020998
  • I went to Target to buy a cooling rack (long overdue kitchen item) and ended up buying three sweaters/layering pieces. But all together they total 24 dollars so I don’t even feel that bad.greenjacket
  • With Will traveling and a lot of friends no longer in DC, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been feeling pretty lonely. Luckily I have some pretty great friends who make that extra effort to stay in touch despite the distance.
  • My meal planning for next week is looking pretty delicious. Two recipes have the word “smoky” in them… must be the cold weather that’s pushing me to these warm/hearty sounding meals. I’m also clearly staying on top of my goal to eat more lentils and squash in these final weeks of 2013.P1020997

Work Life

  • On Thursday night I whipped up and served a Clementine, Greens, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Pecans salad with this delicious Tessamae red wine vinaigrette dressing. People seemed to like it! Although- the clementines were grapefruity tasty… which I wish wasn’t the case. What can you do.
  • Today, because organic apples were on sale, I got to demo a recipe of my choosing featuring the apples! I chose a Sauteed Cauliflower and Apple with Toasted Pecans recipe (minus the butter in the recipe) that I have made a variation of before (and shared here on the blog!). People went NUT-ZO over it. It made me really really happy to hear all of their positive feedback. It was really satisfying knowing that I got people to ENJOY cauliflower and want to make the recipe I just made. Love. I’m so used to just cooking for myself, man.
  • Next week, as part of another apple sale, I get to make/demo/sample a Honeycrisp Apple Salsa… cannot wait.
  • Looking into the future… January and February are really when people are receptive to healthy eating (hello, new years resolutions) so a lot of what I’m doing, besides helping with the Holidays and getting myself situated/familiarized with everything, is planning for the beginning of 2014.
  • These POMEGRANATE chips were sent to our office and they were just BIZARRE. Not bad- just so strange. I kept eating them because my brain was just trying to figure them out.2013-11-07 13.23.24

Home/Work Life Blend

  • Part of the reason why I don’t really mind that I spent 24 dollars on sweaters this week is because my home life clothes are now my work life clothes! I get to be wicked casual at work now which is sweet! Heck yes jeans and sweaters!
  • I’m totally okay with the products I leave work with. That blend is totally fine by me.P1020999

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


8 thoughts on “Home Life vs. Work Life

  1. Gosh you sure are busy! Glad the apple demo went so well! Your recipes all sound so good to me. Congrats again on the 10 mile run the other day! Hopefully talk soon. Love you!

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