Starting Anew

Okay okay I’m done making everyone wait. Are you ready for the NEW JOB talk?!

Short story: I accepted a full-time position working as a Healthy Eating Specialist with Whole Foods (!!!) and my last day at my current full-time job is next Thursday.

Long story: At the beginning of the year, I sort of got it in my brain that I needed a change in my life. I was noticeably unhappy in my professional life and I was certain that I was not doing what I loved. For a long time I just let these thoughts stew in my brain as I tried to decide how I wanted to move forward. I had no idea what I wanted to do- just that I wanted something different. Plus, I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff and weight loss struggles so I didn’t really have the mental capacity to make a big career change or try and figure out the next big step in my life. I kept on working on myself while keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities and forming relationships with people, businesses, and companies that I could see myself working for or with.

It took many more months of being unhappy and a trip to Russia (where I stereotypically rediscovered myself in a foreign country) to decide to aggresively pursue something and take serious action. I didn’t really know where to begin but I knew that I wanted to work with people and food. I didn’t care in what way- but I realized that food, sharing my love of it with others, and connecting people to it- that’s what I wanted to be doing in some way.

I mean, that’s what I’m all about- sharing my passions with others in the hopes that they too will see how great something is. That’s one of my goals with my blog! For the record, that’s what I wanted to do with my history degree- study history and then work in museums/historic sites in order to share my love of history with other people. That’s how I ended up at my current full-time job (where I ultimately grew unhappy because I ended up not really doing that here at all).

Unlike when I graduated from college and was job searching, I wanted to only apply to places that I loved and places that I felt good about. I didn’t want to just apply to anything and everything. I wanted to be picky and knew that I deserved to be picky. I didn’t want to end up in another bad situation and wanted to work somewhere that I would proud of and that fell in line with who I am as a person.

In the past three to four months, I’ve written many cover letters, updated my resume a bajillion times, gone on a handful of promising interviews, and have faced serious rejection. It has been rough. But I wanted it so bad. I started working part-time at the amazing local grocery store Glen’s and have been just hustling non-stop to figure something out. Did I just want to work multiple part-time jobs? Did I want to hold out for something full-time? Was the perfect job even out there? What on God’s Earth am I doing? Should I just suck it up and stay at my current full-time job for the safety/security?

Finally, after sifting through opportunities, one stuck with me and carried through to that final, elusive job offer.

Whole Foods offered little old me a full-time position working as a Healthy Eating Specialist and I could not be happier. I cried when my new boss called me to share the news last week and I still haven’t quite come down from the excitement of it all. I’ll be working with food and people. I cannot wait to wake up everyday knowing that I’m doing something I love for a living.

When I read the job description a couple of months ago- I thought it was a dream- it was like I had written up the perfect job description for me and posted it. It didn’t seem real. I wanted it and absolutely hated how high my hopes were for it. I feared ultimate disappointment and not getting this awesome job. I applied and went through their interview process not knowing what to expect and now- it’s CRAZY real. It’s real and it’s my new job and I am ecstatic.

Is there a rooftop that I can climb up in order to yell at the top of my lungs and share my happiness?

My main duties will include, serving as the store’s healthy eating expert, distributing educational materials and resources regarding healthy eating, acting as a spokesperson/demonstration cook for community and store events, and assisting in the training and development of other Whole Foods team members. It’s technically within their marketing department, so I will also be doing some things in regards to store signage, social media, and sales strategy. They wanted someone who had a wide range of food knowledge, experience in healthy eating- cooking- and menu planning, the ability to work independently, and someone with strong organizational and communication skills. And it looks like I’m their girl!

It’s the perfect balance of working on the floor, talking to people, doing hands on stuff AND doing behind the scenes marketing, educational, and logistical stuff. It’s something that genuinely makes me happy and something that I can get behind 110%. I know no job is perfect, but man, let me tell you how GREAT this position is.

I put my two-weeks notice in at my current full-time job Monday and I had to terminate my employment with Glen’s as well. It’s been rough sensing the disappointment and feeling like I’m letting some people down. It hasn’t been easy and there are of course drawbacks to the ultimate decision that I made. BUT at the end of the day, I’m a person who is very instinctual- I can read what my gut is telling me really well and know how to truly do what’s best for me. And I made the decision that is best for me not only right now- but for me as I move into the future and where I want to be down the road. While the sadness and disappointment has been there among coworkers, everyone has been really supportive and overall, people are just happy for me. They can tell I’m making a good decision for me and it’s been wonderful hearing over and over again how they all just want the best for me in life. It’s been really really nice in that way.

Change is insane and my life is going to be very interesting in the next month or so. Adjustments will be made and so will sacrifices. Things are being moved around and it’s always somewhat of a challenge to reacclimate to something as major as a career change. I’ve been at my current full-time job for almost two years- my hours and my time here has regulated my schedule- how I eat- how I exercise- how I plan my time- how I structure my world. And now it’s all going to change.

All that being said. I could not be happier. Saying I’m excited is like, the biggest understatement of the year. I’m thrilled. I’m nervous and slightly overwhelmed- but it’s in that butterflies in my stomach kind of way. I literally cannot wait to get started and am just so happy. Have I said I’m happy? Okay, I’m REALLY happy. One of my greatest passions in life- food- is about to be front and center in my world.

As I move forward and start my new profession, I will keep a lot of what I do in the real world and at work separate from my blog- kind of like how I’ve been with my full-time job. BUT because this blog is supposed to give you a snapshot of my life, I felt like I had to explain what I’ll be doing and the changes I’ve made recently because they are going to affect me in a big way. AND one of the things I talk about the most on here is healthy eating and now that’s what my career is centered around! Wahoo!

Anyway, thank you, readers, for dealing with vague references to job happening and major life changes for the past few months. I wanted to tell you all every single detail every single day about my job search and what was happening. It’s been affecting my life for quite some time now (the job search process is exhausting) and it’s been a killlllller to keep it all hush hush.

BUT now you know. FINALLY.


Keep pushing toward where you want to be-

Keep trucking forward through any and all set backs-

Keep working hard to get what you deserve and

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


13 thoughts on “Starting Anew

  1. congratulations! That sounds like an awesome job and it’s so great you were able to find a job that really fit your personality and interests. Can wait to hear more about it!

  2. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am in the process of find a new job, continuously updating my resume, trying not to apply at places that don’t *fit* me, and have had a major job interview disappointment *cry*!
    But I am determined not to settle and will find something that makes me happy! I am actually “downgrading” from a pharmacy job to one that will make me happier- working with food, sort of- coffee barista in Seattle. You only live once and you might as well have fun while you are at it!

    • GOOD- just get after it girl! You got this! I started my search in July and something finally just worked out as we head into November. It takes time and patience. In the meantime, don’t feel dumb or silly for “downgrading” to a job that pays you less. If you’re happier every day, THAT’S what matters. It’s definitely an UPGRADE if anything. Personal happiness and satisfaction win over money any day. Keep rocking it out.

  3. Congratulations on your new position! I found so much encouragement in your commitment to do something that was a reflection of who you are and not “just a job”. Best wishes on your new endeavors!

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