Thumbs Up

Who has one fully functioning thumb and one thumb outta commission?

THIS GUY.TwoThumbs

With my right thumb now in permanent thumbs up mode (unable to be bent because of the wrap job I got going on), I thought I would take this opportunity to put it to good use. Here’s what I’m thumbs up-ping these days.

Thumbs up, RED SOX!

No but actually- last night’s game was straight up sad on part of the Cardinals. Wainwright and Molina watching the pop up drop in between them was just… hilarious. Almost as good as Fielder’s belly flop in the ALCS series. Almost.cardinals

One game down, three to go.fielder

Thumbs up, fall flavors!

Pumpkin, cranberries, and sweet potato are regular foods in my every day rotation and I love it with all my heart.


I wanted pumpkin raviolis… but Trader Joes was sold out! WAH! So instead I made regular raviolis but whipped up a bechamel like sauce with canned pumpkin, milk, sage, garlic, onion, and evoo.


make it work. if you want the recipe- let me know via email or in the comments!


I cooked shaved brussels in the sauce and then topped the plate with bacon and parmesan cheese… it was SO GOOD.


homemade raviolis with pumpkin sauce + project runway = happy allison


Last night I had this great turkey pot pie from trader joes- turkey, root veggies, dried cranberries, cornbread stuffing and sauce all under a flaky crust? Yep. Thanksgiving pretty much.


I served the pot pie with a side of sauteed kale and mushrooms. Kale is also in season right now. Maybe not as fun as pumpkin but also delicious and nutritious! Also- Trader Joes has been KILLIN it with the quality of their sliced mushrooms. They’re the perfect size and thickness. 


I was going to make a smores like creation for dessert with sweet potato puree, chocolate, ricotta, and graham crackers but….


I ended up throwing all those ingredients in a bowl with dried cranberries and heating it up in the microwave instead. Check out those swirls of chocolate!


I snagged some fresh cranberries from Whole Foods and you can expect that whole container to be gone by the end of the weekend. Obsessed. I heat them up the microwave so that I can mash them up.


I had an almost empty nut butter jar so I scrambled an egg + sweet potato puree + banana + vanilla + cinnamon + flax and put the hot mess back into the jar with heated up cranberries for breakfast this morning.


Mmm warm, wicked tart cranberries.



The whole ooey gooey jar of fall.

Thumbs up, convenience cooking!

Because I was home this past Sunday, I couldn’t do my normal meal prep routine. When I went grocery shopping- I definitely opted for convenience. I usually enjoy chopping/prepping all my own veggies but it’s been nice this week not worrying about it. I have an appreciation for prechopped onions and minced garlic in a jar. Oh and turkey pot pie from trader joes that takes twenty minutes to cook.


Thumbs up, weather!

I got so used to having to run in the morning because it was the only time it wasn’t too hot for me to run. But now- I have to run after work because it’s the only time it’s warm enough to run! I love cold weather (fall & winter are my faves) so this week has been awesome for me. It’s still bright & sunny but it’s not outrageously hot!weather

You can’t deny how wonderful it is to experience that warm and cozy feeling indoors when you know it’s cold out. Yes the days are shorter, but the moments I have in my apartment feel that much more special and nice because it’s comforting and cozy. Warm dinners after a long day traversing in the cold just feel great. That pot pie I mentioned above? SO CLUTCH last night. And it will be just as awesome tonight post 7-mile run in the chilly weather.

I know come February I’ll be ready to ditch the layers and scarves and tights- but for now, it’s a welcome change of pace from being warm/hot/sweaty.

I can’t wait to experience the weather on non-working days and relax with Will. This is couples weather (hand holding, arms around each other, etc.) and I want my partner back from work travels, thank you very much.

Plus, I have a new long sleeve sox shirt that I’m trying to lounge around in.

Thumbs up, weekend!

Speaking of the weekend- mine starts after work today! WAHOO. And after today I only have one more week left here at my full-time job ahhhhh!

I have a lot of fun plans for the weekend that include birthday happy hours, a concert, and a reunion brunch. But I think what I’m most excited about is 1) cuddling watching baseball with Will and 2) bundling up to go on some walks with Will outside. I need some chillax time with him. We love walking to get coffee together in the early hours of weekend mornings.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo



5 thoughts on “Thumbs Up

  1. Thumbs up for your new wrap job; that looks and I bet feels so much better! Thumbs up for the 1st Sox game; thumbs down for last nights game, boo! I’d love that ravioli recipe too! Love you!

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