Make it Work

Throwback to Santino’s impression of Tim Gunn! It makes me die every single time. I wish I could have him in my pocket to make me laugh whenever I needed it. It’s SO GOOD. Gah. In addition to watching the Sox (ugh, last night) I’ve been watching Season 10 of Project Runway on Hulu. So Project Runway has been on my brain.

It makes sense in some weird way because lately- I’ve been all about making it work. Life has been crazy for me schedule wise and I’ve just had to hustle and do things on my own terms.

Workouts have been fit in when possible and totally outside of my normal routine. Which is weird for me. But good at the same time because it reminds me of my commitment and love of exercise- I’m willing to rearrange some things to make working out happen. I’ve missed some of my usual classes- which is a bummer and makes me long to see my gym friends- but I haven’t stopped “getting it,” so to speak.

Running has been my go-to, part because I’m “training” for a ten miler and part because it’s a quick, efficient, and low-maintenance way for me to just get my sweat on. MAKE IT WORK.

Last night for dinner, I had plans to make this Sauteed Cauliflower and Apples with Pecans side. As dinner got closer though, I realized that I wanted to make this more of a complete meal as opposed to just a side. So I used the skill set I got in my back pocket to make something different that would be a more well-balanced meal. MAKE IT WORK.

Also I realized I left my camera plugged in to charge at work thus only leaving me with my crappy phone to take pictures. MAKE IT WORK.2013-10-16 16.51.13

In order to have a full dinner that would leave me satisfied, I knew I needed some whole grains. I dug out my brown jasmine rice. Also knowing that I needed to use up a bag of shredded carrots in the fridge, I decided to add those to the recipe.

I decided to make a big ol’ batch of elaborate rice pilaf featuring brown jasmine rice, coconut oil, pecans, cauliflower, apples, shallots, thyme, chicken, and carrots. Nom.2013-10-16 16.53.30

Shallots are so easy to cut- but for some reason I always forget how to tackle them and always have to look it up when I go to do it. Someday I’ll remember.

First, I started boiling water to cook my rice. I decided to make a pilaf big enough to have for dinner last night and dinner tonight..

With the rice going, I put 1/4 cup of pecans on a baking sheet into a 350 degree oven for 6-8 minutes in order to toast them- flippin’ em around a few times. I chopped them up when they were cool.2013-10-16 16.55.13

I put the carrots and cauliflower into my food processor to make their texture better for what I was making. Big chunks of food don’t really work well in a rice dish. I wanted smaller bites and I wanted the veggies to be the same size-ish as the rice. When I was done with the veggies, I did the same think with the cooked chicken I had.2013-10-16 16.59.292013-10-16 17.03.462013-10-16 17.05.322013-10-16 17.04.57

I sauteed the carrots and cauliflower in coconut oil with shallots for about five minutes. Then I added ~1/4 cup of water and covered the pan for five minutes- letting everything cook more.  I  added in the sliced apples and when the veggies and apple seemed cooked to my liking (like five minutes more), I added the chicken, thyme and a little bit of salt. I cooked this for a few additional minutes.2013-10-16 17.12.54

When everything seemed like it was cooked well in the pan, I tossed in the rice and stirred it all up. I divided it into two portions, topped with the pecans, and the last of the little honey goat cheese nugget I had lurking in the fridge (so sad to see it go!) andddd VOILA. Dinner.2013-10-16 17.29.292013-10-16 17.31.07The honey goat cheese was a last minute stroke of genius idea- if I do say so myself. I remembered I had a little left and decided it would totally work in this dish. And it did. If you live near a Trader Joes- go buy this. Seriously. I could just eat it straight out its wrapping. And I may or may not have done this. Not sorry about it. It’s delicious!2013-10-16 17.33.51

I saranwrapped one bowl for a leftovers dinner!2013-10-16 17.34.002013-10-16 17.39.46

This bowl of goodness helped me ignore the horribleness that was the Red Sox game last night. Not good. They face Detroit again tonight and they better make the best of the situation and MAKE IT WORK (like they’ve been doing all season).

Tonight I’ll be flying to Boston (!!!)- when the game is on. Lucky for me, JetBlue gives every person their own lil tv so I’ll be watching in the air. MAKE IT WORK.

From making it work to- gurl, you better work! (lol who am I with that transition?! I mean really) I bought these new boots yesterday and am quite pleased with them! I cannot wait to rock em’ out.2013-10-16 18.54.41

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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