Decadence in Distress

For the better half of this weekend, I was a hot mess.

Overwhelmed- stressed- and water logged (thanks DC weather). Bad things just kept happening and I let them get me down. There were a lot of overemotional tears and rained on clothes that I didn’t feel like washing.

In the midst of the chaos and agony and awfulness, I stepped away from it all and got all fancy with Will.P1020814

I treated the two of us to a “cheese & cider” night in our apartment. I was in charge of the food- he was in charge of the cider.P1020820

I’ve been wanting to create a cheese platter/board of my own for so long- but had yet to have a reason to do so. I’m a pretty creative person and love making pretty things (as girly as that sounds). The idea of laying out cheeses, meats, spreads, and other “accessories” just sounded so fun and appealing to me. Not to mention- gourging on cheese, bread, and fruit sounded like the most unnecessary, but yet necessary, elaborate plan.P1020811

I decided Saturday night- I didn’t need a reason to make a fall inspired cheese board. Will and I were getting our cheese on for no good reason. We were just celebrating us. And maybe the Red Sox making it to the ALCS?! Yeah?! Will?! Confirmation on that?! P1020822

Now if you were to tell me ten years ago- five years ago- hell- two years ago- that I would want a meal primarily consisting of cheese- I would have called you insane. I never considered myself a cheese person. I just wasn’t into it for most of my life. I still have flashbacks of my sister Jess (who has always loved cheese) trying to serve me slices of deli american cheese on a little plate when we were little. She was either convinced that deep down I’d like it or she was just trying to gross me out.P1020818

I don’t know when I had my “a-ha” moment and realized I loved cheese. Probably when I started cooking on my own and experimenting with fresh food and better ingredients. And goat cheese was definitely my gateway cheese. When I tried goat cheese for the first time a year and a half ago- you would have thought I had found buried treasure. I was obsessed. I was hooked. I needed more. Once I fell in love with goat cheese, I felt more courageous to try other cheeses. And now? Give me feta- give me gouda- give me brie- give me provolone- give me cheddar- give me it all! Bring on the cheese! I don’t necessarily love it in large quantities… but man… add some good cheese to a dish and I’m a happy gal.P1020816

Cheese revelations aside- I was looking forward to this dinner more than anything this week.P1020821

After long days of nonstop hustle- all I wanted was a cheese and cider night with Will, accompanied by the Red Sox game. And we had just that.P1020819

And it was wonderful. Also- we were watching Die Hard on the commercial breaks from the Sox game and that movie + cheese + crackers + and a spread reminiscent of holiday party appetizers… it definitely got the both of us excited for for thanksgiving and christmas. I know I know- jumping ahead. But we still had a moment.P1020812

This night in and other moments with Will just about erased all the bad things that happened earlier in the weekend. Oh- and the absolutely amazing end of the game patriots and red sox wins last night helped just a little bit too 😉P1020815

Sometimes, you just need a little decadence to forget about your troubles.

For the record, the set-up featured: honey goat cheese (um. yum.), brie cheese, gouda cheese, whole grain pita, multigrain seasoned crisps, walnuts, almonds, olives, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, honey, grainy mustard, cranberry chutney, cucumber slices, grapes, apple slices, pear slices, salami, and prosciutto. and sweet, crisp, hard cider.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Decadence in Distress

  1. So glad your finally on board the cheese train! This does look delicious and decadent! Nice fall accents too,very festive! A definite mood lifter for sure. Love you!

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