Three Months till 2014

Did you want to punch me when you read that blog post title? I’m sorry to be your little reminder that there are like ninety days left till the new year.P1020783

Say hello to my new calendar month page- it’s so pretty and full of fall colors.P1020787

I usually hate countdowns that put a lot of pressure on the time till a certain date, but I’m looking at the next three months in a different way. It’s the last quarter of the year 2013 and I want to make the days count.

It was around this time last year that I slowly started to slip into dangerous territory in my behavior with food and exercise. Fall and winter were sort of stolen from me by the issues I developed and the craziness I fell into. It makes me wicked sad when I look at where I was at this time last year and to remember the torture I felt every day- I thought I was enjoying life- I told myself I was- but I clearly wasn’t. I was so unhappy it wasn’t even funny. I distracted myself with good things here and there but on the whole, I was miserable and I was hurting.

Thus, with these three months, I’m looking for a better fall and a better winter and a better holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year and I deserve to be fully happy this time and not killing myself over ridiculous things. I can’t get back the time I lost, but I can try and make up for the things I feel like I missed out on.

I’m not a different person now- I’ve always been me. But I’ve grown. I’ve continued to mature and grow immensely and I’m proud of who I am today. I’m proud of the place I’m at mentally and physically and I’m proud of myself for getting through the hard things I’ve trekked through. These next three months are mine to celebrate for the work I’ve put into everything I’ve done and the balanced lifestyle I try and achieve every day.


In this last quarter of the year 2013, I want to reclaim my passions, renew my interests, and bring more love, appreciation, and warmth into my life. That’s the big picture I’m looking at.

But I also did want to breakdown some little things I want out of the next three months that are more tangible.


  • Keep it simple: my september blog break showed me that I like being more succinct with my thoughts and posts. it makes posts easier to write, easier to read, and all around more efficient.
  • Re-do: I’d like to take the time to go through my static pages and reorganize them a little bit and edit their content.


  • Create a “to do” list of recipes to try
  • Eat and cook more with lentils
  • Eat and cook more with different squashes
  • Continue to eat in season
  • Meal plan better and coupon smarter
  • Use my cast iron skillet often
  • Use my crock pot more often
  • Bake more (and share with others)
  • Utilize my cookbooks more and not solely rely on online/digital recipes
  • Try and not to eat out at the same place twice- there are so many new restaurants in DC and my neighborhood so I shouldn’t repeat visits!
  • Make a “to do” list of restaurants to go to


  • Get to Boston whenever I can



  • Do more of what I love



  • Catch-up on the Mindy Project
  • Watch as many SNL episodes as possible
  • Always watch Parks and Recreation
  • THE RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES (it’s happening)
  • Football. And lots of it.


  • Get a flu shot (random- but I needed an extra reminder to do this)
  • Try and do something nice for someone every single day before 10am
  • Decorate the apartment for the varying holidays/seasons
  • Paint my finger nails more often
  • Actually put effort into my halloween costume
  • Go to more concerts
  • Buy more flowers
  • Spend more time making handmade gifts
  • Stop saying “just” (I just want to do x, y, z) and “like” all the time- don’t be afraid to say what you want and be confident about it.
  • On that note- I need to stop apologizing so much. I want to say sorry when I mean it and when its deserved

I’m jumping on board fully with the whole “decorate my apartment for the holidays/seasons” and Fall has found its way into my home.P1020789

I’m holding out till Will is back in DC this weekend to do the fun Halloween-y decorations with him, but I figured a little taste of Fall wouldn’t hurt in the mean time. And I just couldn’t resist breaking out the skelton straws (you’ll see them over near the blender in the big matryoshka cup).

P1020790Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Three Months till 2014

  1. That 10 mile run looks like SO MUCH FUN! If my mom doesn’t end up coming that weekend, I’m so doing it. I love your goals for these next few months and honestly, I don’t want to punch you for saying it’s almost 2014. I’m excited to see what the new year brings. And the red sox. Totally winning. Alsoooooo we need to plan a sweet green date soon!

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