days 28-30 {full, routine, me}

Back from Chicago and the Northern ‘burbs of Illinois and I am full.


Full of Chicago style hot dogs, deep dish pizza from Gino’s East, apple cider donuts, authentic corn on the cob, chili and corn bread from the Heartland Cafe, more pizza, apple pie, and many a delicious breakfasts.



But more importantly, I’m full of appreciation and love for my life. And for this guy.chicago6

I know I blab about Will a lot on here (hey, he’s sort of the most significant person in my life right now) but I have to say, I’m the luckiest girl. He’s hands down the best. Just all around. The absolute best.


Him and his parents are essential elements of my life and I just love em’ to death.chicago10

This weekend was all over the place in terms of my usual routine. First of all, I was in a different time zone. I mean, yeah it’s only an hour difference, but that matters people! It’s so bizarre to me! Like… I was watching the season premiere of SNL at 10:30 central time.

I didn’t run or do any hard exercise this weekend and my knee is feeling better today. We did some bike riding which was kind of hard on it, but the walking we did over the weekend felt totally fine (and the slow activity probably was good for it).

I ate carbs, carbs, and more carbs this weekend. And while it was stressful on some level, it was delicious and good for me. I regret nothing.

But definitely a break from my normal routine. It couldn’t have come at a better time too because my normal routine that I’ve gotten so used to over the past year or so is about to change in a major way. It was like a transition into a time of change. I’m excited and nervous and kinda freaking out- but I love it so much and am so excited. And yes. I’m going to continue to be very vague until everything is solidified 100% and I feel comfortable/ready with announcing the news I’m holding onto in my life.

In due time my readers. In due time.

Until then, I leave you with me [In all my fall time + patriots tee + I heart mums, glory]chicago11And I will say, I think I have a better sense of me than I did when I started this “September Blogging Break.” This whole month I’ve been making decisions for the betterment of me and to put myself in a position where I’m happier. September was a lot. October is bound to be even more. In a good way.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


12 thoughts on “days 28-30 {full, routine, me}

  1. Wow looks like you had a blast! So good to see some pics of Melanie and Dennis. Also you and Will are so adorable! You seriously better call me and give me the scoop soon. If I have to find out your really big news via your blog I’m gonna be bummed! Love you!

  2. Well done! Glad you enjoyed your break, good food and that wonderful man. Looks so festive and is getting me in a Fall frame f mind, although it feels like summer today. Strange Toronto climate.

  3. I am so happy for you! I’m so glad you had such a great weekend and you are making me want to go visit Chicago for some of that deep dish pizza!

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